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Re: Most Badass Shounin Character Nominations

I'm not going to repeat names that have already been said, but after reading a few of these lists, I'm very surprised that Sesshomaru (InuYasha) has not been mentioned. I hardly consider myself an InuYasha fan, but when I think of the word "Badass" (not "Gangsta," "G," "Hardcore" just BADASS) he's really the one that comes to mind. To be honest, I've only read bits and pieces of the manga and a tiny bit more of the anime, but that dude to me fits the description just as much if not more than anybody else mentioned. Although, seeing as the word "Badass" is so thoroughly and officially defined, obviously there is no subjectiveness or bias to this thread.

And while I wouldn't quite place him on the same level as Sesshomaru, I think Heero Yuy (Gundam Wing) also qualifies.

Sieg Hart (Rave Master): Some of his feats are badass, but I he doesn't as much fit my archetype of a badass.

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