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Re: 561 prediction/spoiler

Originally Posted by Gamabunta View Post
Hmm looks like my prediction that was meant to be a comic sketch before even completion already solves the problem of explaining why Obito can never be tobi...

Even to hardcore obito believer such as solutions_411.

But sad i can't complete it yet.. If theres so many quotes haha
Wha? haha I preferred your post before you edited it haha.

Originally Posted by Gamabunta View Post
Back on thread ...
Donkey this ain't a real spoiler and will definitely fails as like many predictions do..
Nor am i assuming this to be a legit theory as when i wrote it, fun to mess around with obitards and writing some prediction is all i had in mind... Cheers for reading

Vishnu - ditto. Apologies everyone this just a spoof.
>> Makes a retarded prediction
> People laugh at the prediction
>> Claims that you wrote a retarded prediction to troll people, editing each of your posts
> ???

Profit ^_^

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