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Re: 561 prediction/spoiler

A Jericho prediction.

{extended edition}NOT A RE POST

Naruto 261: “which one?”
Everyone is still focused on the meteor.
Naruto is thinking, {“every Jutsu has a weakness”} He looks at Edo-Madara. {Susanoo!}
Gaara looks at Naruto, “what are you thinking”
Naruto, “chunin exams, me vs Neji Hyuga, back me up!”
Over with Madara we see him spot Naruto charging at him, “you cannot get past Susanoo, boy.”
Naruto, “well that’s good, cause I’m not trying to get passed it…rasengan!”
He hits it with a rasengan but at the same time…
“Double rasengan!!”
Naruto comes from underground to double upper cut Edo- Madara.
{Gaara loosened up the dirt enough for me to get here fast! This should be enough.}
Edo-Madara goes flying but his Susanoo is fading, he is unconscious.
Muu {Kabuto}, “what the hell?! “
The meteor starts to crumble into millions of pieces.
“sealing technique!”
They seal Muu while he is off guard and under Kabuto’s control.
Kabuto at his HQ, “dammit, they sealed him off from me, but no matter I still have…no!!”
Naruto is standing over Madara as he opens his eyes, they are normal not dark.
Edo-Madara, “that moment of unconsciousness severed his control, he must be spreading himself thin.”
Naruto, “are you gonna go quietly?”
Edo-Madara, “of course, I have a few places I want o go. My first visit is to a certain someone that has disappointed me.”
Does hand signs.
“Summoning jutsu!”
A giant Gryphon appears, Madara is on its back, “fare well Leaf Ninja, I know I will see you again, I have seen that look before. I ready the challenge, in time.”
Naruto just watches as he flies away, and takes a sigh of relief, “kinda glad he got away.”
Tsuchikage flying up to Naruto location, “how did you know that would work?”
Naruto, “well every jutsu has a weakness, on top of that I noticed every time he prepared for something huge he would be inside Susanoo. So I figured he must need to be protected for some reason , be it concentration or whatever. But he has to be able to see the area so he can’t just hide somewhere.”
Tsuchikage, {well, now you are smart at times aren’t you Naruto?} “well now what?”
Gaara coming up with a few others, “we can take it from here you should make your real self aware of this.”
Naruto, “Right. Good luck everyone” ::Poof::
Then we see all the faces of Naruto and his clones have a shocked look on there faces.
Alliance HQ.

Sensor, “Naruto just defeated Madara Uchiha, but it was one of those things. The guy in the mask is not the real Madara!”
Raikage, “what? Then who the hell is he?”
Tsunade, “he knows an awful lot about us as well, how could he know so much about the past and present even if he were Madara Uchiha?”
Now w ego to Tobadara traveling with the Paths, he stops.
Zetsu(white) emerges from the ground, “Kabuto, raised Madara Uchiha as part of his forces. He encountered the Tsuchikage and Kazekage as well as the Jinchurikki.”
Tobdara, “hmmmm, well I guess there is no need for this anymore.”
He begins removing his mask , when black flames engulf it destroying it in his hand. He drops it suddenly so as not to touch Ameterasu.
“You have some explaining to do, Tobi or should I say…”
We see a close up of his face as this is said. “Obito Uchiha?!”
We see Edo-Madara coming into view, “this was not the arrangement made in exchange for you new life and jutsu. You have the blood of an Uchiha running through you, you should have done better than this.”
Obito, “This is not my doing Madara,I tried to get the boy to…”
Edo-Madara, “enough excuses, we knew the boy was coming into play long before anyone else thanks to the tablets predictions, you even knew when to set it up so that his parents would be killed in the war. So how did this not become your fault?”
Flash back.
We see Obito saying his good bye then the rocks crushing him. When Kakashi leaves the area we see a man in a robe jump down to the rocks.
With this the figure clears the rocks, we see the body of Obito partly crushed.
He removes his hood, it is an elderly Madara, “Izanagi.”
Obito opens his eyes and his wounds are healed.
Madara, “say nothing, I am Madara Uchiha, I have brought you back for one purpose. I will find a suitable replacement for your eye. But first, I must teach you about your own power.”
Ed0-Madara, “maybe I should have left you there? Zetsu, I am going to kill your friend now, it is your way to watch these things but I warn you I will not hesitate to kill you as well.”
Zestu, “I ..I..I don’t want to see this, I am sorry Tobi. Goodbye.”
He goes into the ground.
Else where We see the swordsmen in black flames being burned but not going away.
Sasuke, “that has to be a down side of immortality. Wouldn’t you say…Sensei?”
He is looking at Kakashi with the other a few feet behind him.
Kakashi, “I will not hold anything back Sasuke.”
Sasuke, “as if it mattered.”

Next: “ Teachers vs. Students”
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