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Re: 561 prediction/spoiler

Originally Posted by Solutions_411 View Post
Post count matters to whom? Kid, I was only responding to Gamabunta since he went out of his way to make comments directed towards me.
No dude you are stupid. If im really upset i would have replied to every single comments you made like you did to my post. And what's wrong with editing my own post just to add the spoof cause i forgot in the 1st place? Double posting like you do is very amateur and calling me out for using an edit is retarded.

Originally Posted by Solutions_411 View Post
Kabuto was still battling Orochimaru's influence, and if there's a chance that Tobi might have set some sort of trigger on Itachi's eyes to account for the possibility of Sasuke betraying him.

Btw I see you have moved on from stupid theory that is the obito is tobi and tobi is madara soul splitting. Now this new ones are redundant plots. Oro is gone and Tobi does not need the Trigger.

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