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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Naruto with a surprised face: Thank you...thank you all...i will not let you down!

Panel shows Neji talking with Lee and Kiba

Neji: So, he did it...
Kiba: Who would have thought...the kid who always got into became Hokage..
Lee: He followed his dream...he became much more powerfull then he hoped and *now he is the *shin of hope that we all needed.*
Neji thinking: You proved to me again that i was wrong...a man can make his own destiny...

Panel shows Iruka.

Iruka thinking: You were the kid despised by everyone...and look at you now...the man that everyone relies on. You've became much more then you ever hoped. You are much more powerfull then our enemies. You are the key to peace. Can you see him? Fourth all put your hopes in him and he met them all.*
His thoughts are shaped to Sasuke's image.
Iruka thinking: Do you realise it, Sasuke? You are always in front of his eyes...his dream changed since you appeared in his life, and because of you he is the man that he is today. Do you even grasp what your actions did?*

Panel shows HQ

Naruto, Darui, Ao, Kitsuchi,Gaara, Shikaku and Shikamaru are sitting around a table.
Shikaku: We have to make some changes in our strategy.
Darui: I will go after Uchiha Sasuke with my divison. I will make him pay for what he did.
Kitsuchi: I will assist you, Raikage. That brat killed my old man!
Shikamaru: I will concentrate the remaning divisions to protect the Jinchurikis then. Naruto and Bee must be protected.
Naruto: No. I will go after Sasuke. It's my job.
Darui and Kitsuchi: But!?!
Gaara: Let him deal with Uchiha Sasuke. We must concentrate our forces to kill Madara. This is not a war to protect the hosts anymore, this is a war to survive. *We have to strike first if we want to win. We must not let the enemy prepare himself.
Shikamaru: Then, Naruto, can you start searching for Sasuke?
Naruto: I'm already doing it.
Shikaku: What do you mean?
Naruto: I mean that i'm on my way to his current location.
Ao: But how? You are here.
Naruto: don't know about one of my signature jutsu.
Shikamaru: Kage Bushin...
Kitsuchi: So the real you...
Naruto: Is dashing towards Sasuke at this very moment.

Scene is switched to Izuna and Raiden.

Raiden: You thought that you can kill me?
The next panel shows Izuna with a surprised face as Raiden placesmhis hand on Izuna's shoulder.
Izuna: You ...
Raiden: Farewell...this attack is beyond Edo Tensei regeneration.
The next image shows Izuna getting vaporized by Raiden's technique.
Raiden turns his head towards Madara.
Raiden: Madara...go hunt the Eight tails.
Madara: What about Sasuke?
Raiden watches as Itachi grabes Sasuke and vanishes with him.
Raiden: Don't worry. I will take care of him now.

Scene shows Kabuto.

Kabuto slowly rises up from the ground. The jutsu that Izuna used to keep him down was released.
Kabuto thinking: So Raiden did it afterall. Now everything goes right as planned. Sasuke will fall into his hands. It's time to go have a chat with Uzumaki Naruto.

Scene shows Itachi dashing through a forest with Sasuke on his back.

Itachi thinking: I have to be fast. If that guy catches me is over.
Raiden appears in front of him: *If that guy catches you is over, huh? Well then i guess it's over, Uchiha Itachi.
Itachi shocked: You can read my thoughts?!?
Itachi puts an uncouncios Sasuke down on earth and prepares himself for the battle.
Raiden: It's much complicated then that. It's time for you to follow Izuna.
As Raiden slowy walks towards Itachi a shadow appears above them.
Naruto: Sage Art! Raseeeenn!!!
A beam of Naruto's chakra combined with natural energy emerges from his hand hitting the spot where Raiden was.
As the dust clears up, Raiden is shows unscatted.
Raiden: Impressive.*
Naruto: Who are you?!?
Raiden: Someone that the history has forgotten.
The next second he is shown a few meters away with Sasuke on his shoulder.
Raiden: The next time that we will meet, Uzumaki will die!
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