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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Suddenly a shadow appears behind the Sage.

Raiden: No, father...this is enough!
The sage quickly turns his head around only to see Raiden standing behind him.
The Sage: Raiden? That's you?!? Impossible!
Raiden: Nothing is impossible father.
The Sage: But you should be dead! Even I died.
Raiden: Arrogant as ever. You never had the guts to research, father. You were a coward.
The Sage: I chose the benefit of world before my own!*
Raiden: And that's why I'm here today alive and you are dead.*
The Sage: What happend to your brother?
Raiden: He is dead. I've killed him. And I've integrated his chakras into mine. That's how i'm still alive. Because i got acces to your ninshu. I evolved father. I much more powerful then you were. And i will became the Juubi's jonchuuriki like you were and then my ascension to the power of gods will be complete!
The Sage: You're insane!*
Suddenly Raiden is behind the Sage.
Raiden makes some handsigns: Tetragram sealing ninshu! Restriction!
From the ground are released four chains that glows blue. They wrap around the Sage, holding him tight.
Raiden: They are infused with my chakra.myou cannot brake them.
Raiden places his hand on the Sage's chest.
Raiden: Father...i hated you because you didn't chose me. I was supposed to be the next God...not my brother. My power was greater and as you can see i've surpassed even you.*
The Sage: were wrong and you're still wrong. I was never a God. There is an entity that we call God but...we are still limited by the human principles...We are human beings not gods.
Raiden: I belive you father. That's why i will use the power i will achieve by being the Juubi's jinchuuriki and i will defy that God. I will overtrow him! I will be the only God! The wayni was supposed to be !*
The Sage with a very sad voice: You are truly that's your plan...
Raiden: Insane or not i'm much more powerful then you right now...somtell me, dad...where is the Heavenly Jewelled Spear? The weapon you used to seal the Juubi...where did you hid it?
The Sage: The spear...i destroyed it long a go.
Raiden: Liar.- he makes a handsign- Ninshu! Mind divination!
Raiden: I see...
The Sage: What was that technique?
Raiden: It was a mind probation technique. I've searched your mind. Well done, father. I have no further use for you.*
The Sage suddenly closes his eyes and opens them after a second revealing the Rinnegan.
The sage: Shinra Tensei!
The chains are broken and the Sage makes another handsign as Raiden prepares to destroy him.
The Sage: Uzumaki Naruto! There will be one day when you will understand this! Trust me! Don't make the same mistakes i did! Make different choices! Ninshu! Transfer!
Naruto suddenly makes a shocked face.

The scene is switched to a white room. Naruto sees the Sage sitting down and meditating.
Naruto: Where are we?
The Sage: In your mind. Raiden is about to kill me. So i've decided to share something with you.*
Naruto: What?
The Sage: You remind me of myself in my young days. A brat who was unhappy with the hatred that flows in each men. I became a ninja and tried to free people from hatred. But one day i woke up in a different era...And i saw a demonic beast that was attacking a villagge.. I asked for help but nobody came...Everyone was running away.The beast destroyed the village and it was coming in my direction. But i had I left my shelter, i took a sword and i defeated the beast. And as the beast was lying down in front of me i made the final step in the process of understanding. You will realise when the time comes...that Neji Hyuuga was right...we have our own destiny lied down for us. You are not meant for being a shinobi or a Hokage. You were made for something greater then this. There will be one day *when you will understand this words. And that day is coming soon. You will have to chose a path. Chose wisely.*
Naruto: do you know about what Neji said? And what choice do I have to make?
The Sage smiling: Don't let Raiden win. Use "that jutsu" when the time comes. And don't make my mistakes. Farewell Naruto!

Panel is switched back to the present.

Raiden: Enough with this!*
He places his hand on the Sage's chest.
Raiden: Ninshu! Particle explosion!*
The Sage smiles towards Naruto as his body gets destroyed in the same way that happend to Izuna.
Raiden takes from the ground Sasuke and looks towards Naruto.
Raiden: You have the potential to became a threat for me. But i will make sure that you won't. *I told you that i will kill you the next time that we meet. This meeting wasn't planned. So consider it a delay . Madara! Take care of Sasuke. I will go after the artefact.
Madara as he gets up and teleports Sasuke: Yes, Raiden-sama.
Raiden turns his face towards Naruto: Until we meet again Kyuubi boy.
He vanshies from Naruto's sight.
Naruto looks to the horizont with sad eyes

Panel shows Kyuubi and Naruto inside Naruto's mind.

Naruto: What was this about?
Kyuubi: I don't know. But he is right about one thing. You must learn to control that jutsu. And fast. Raiden is more powerful then the Sage. And you heard his plan. You must be invincible.
Naruto: But i'm already at the peek of my powers...
Kyuubi: Stupid brat. You're never at the peek of your potential!

Scene is switched back to Konoha.

Naruto to himself: I'm never at the peek of my powers...
Suddenly Itachi appears near him: But you will be...
Naruto: Itachi! What are you doing here?
Itachi with menacing eyes: You will be much more powerful then Raiden! Even if i have to sacrifice my soul for you! I will make you Raiden's worst nightmare!*

Scene shows Raiden on the top of a rock in the ocean.*

He looks at a cave made by the waves during hundreds of years.
Raiden: So here it's where you hide it. The Divine Spear of Gods...known as the Heavenly Jewelled Spear...the tool that you used to seal away the Juubi!

Scene shows Madara in a forest

He lets down Sasuke he makes a step back and a handsign
Madara: Ninja art! Energy drilling!

A huge yellow sphere emerges from the earth and hits Sasuke in the chest. A moment later Sasuke is on his feet looking confunsed.

Sasuke: Madara! What happend?
Madara: You were defeated by the Sage of the six paths. Luckly the kyuubi boy was there. You own him one. He saved your life.
Sasuke: He...he defeated that guy?
Madara: No ordinary man can just defeat the Sage. Raiden-sama saved us. He sealed away the Sage.
Sasuke thinking: I can't belive him! Every move i make, and he is still above me!*
Sasuke: Take me to where Naruto is. I will kill him! He will ot defy me anymore!
Madara: Don't rush it Sasuke...the first thing you should do is rest a bit. After that we have an order from Raiden-sama. It's timemto hunt the 8-tails. And i will come with you this time.
Sasuke: I don't take orders from anyone.*
Madara suddenly grabs Sasuke by the neck and throws him away.
Madara with an angry voice: Don't be stupid Sasuke! You don't value your life? He will kill us both if we fail! He don't have a choice!
Sasuke with a surprised face:'re afraid of him. You aren't doing this because you want revenge. You are doing this because you're afraid.
Madara calms down: still don't get it. He have no other choice. *Now prepare yourself. We are leaving.*
Madara thinking: He knew that Kabuto will summon the Sage...and he used the summoning to find the location of the staff...he is truly a cunning person...

Scene shows HQ

Itachi is sitting at a table with Shikaku, Naruto and Gaara.

Shikaku: this story about the older brother is true?
Naruto: it seems. Anyway his Level of power is beyond our comprehension.
Itachi: We have to devise a way to beat him.*
Gaara suddenly rises up: Sixth Hokage! I will fight alogside you and i will protect you sith my life! Because you're my friend!
Naruto: Thank you..Gaara...
Shikaku: Then i will work on a strategy.*
Itachi: And i will train Naruto a bit.
Naruto: Train me?
Itachi: I promised that you will be Raiden's worst nightmare! *I hope that you're not backing off!
Naruto with a serious look: I won't let everyone down! I will beat the hell out of Raiden and Madara!mAnd i will definately save Sasuke! Because...Because this is my Ninja way!!!
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