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Re: Games and all things related

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
It would be smarter business to encourage digital sales by selling them at even just a minor discount. More people would be willing to buy a digital copy of a game if it saved them $10, which would still make EA significantly more money than them buying a retail copy. Charging exactly the same is just as bad for EA as it is for the consumer.
Not necessarily. If people were that hung up on ten dollars they would buy it used or buy something else entirely. It's not exactly like EA, or the rest of the gaming industry, charges sixty bucks for no reason. People buy games at that pricepoint. And most consumers don't consider the publisher's savings by selling a digital copy at full price.

Furthermore, the vast majority of EA's boxed game sales (and sales period) come on console. They made this gamble on the PC for a variety of reasons, one of which their margins would take the least hit in case of a backlash.

It's nice to say it's just as bad for EA, but in practice, it's probably not. They have a commodity that people want. People are willing to pay the industry standard for. They're not obligated to sell it cheaper, and it's no guarantee the products would be substantially cheaper on Steam as well. Not many people will pass up EA's AAA games over five dollars difference. Not nearly enough that EA would make more money by selling it cheaper.

As far as its competitive prowess in the market, that's still to be determined. It's not going to supplant Steam, so it's only an issue for you if EA makes games you really really want to play.

Originally Posted by Jaxon View Post
But it's not forcing anyone to do anything. There is literally no reason to use Origin over Steam. Especially since it's more intrusive software with a much more vague TOS.

I don't care if it's "smart business" to overcharge for their products. It's not "good business". EA can try and ride their customers for every penny for all I care. I'm not going to buy from them, and I don't think anyone else should either.
The reason to use Origin over Steam is EA published games. TOR, BF3, ME3. Those are a fair share of the "must have" games coming out this holiday season into the end of Q4.

And because Steam is a generally superior service now does not mean Origin won't gain ground in the future. That is, after all, what the platform is designed to do. Get a foothold into the digital arena as the industry makes the transition from physical media. They used their sought after games to stake their claim and obtain some users. Now they will renovate and update the platform, adding more titles to compete head to head with Steam. EA is playing for the long term. The pure value of Steam doesn't really manifest itself until a while into a particular game's lifetime, when the deals start to roll out regularly. Origin is a new platform. It has to take its first few steps.

Now, I'm not saying Origin is guaranteed to shape up. I'm only familiar with it on a conceptual level. I just think it's absurd to expect EA to sell its games cheaper than they have been for a while now on PC, just because they take in all the profit themselves by cutting out Valve or whomever. Their cost is also increased as they must now do more marketing because they no longer have the benefit of Steam's established userbase.

It ain't so black and white. It's good you're voting with your wallet instead of shouting "bloody murder" from the gamestore lines like some do. I'm primarily a console gamer and I don't require Origin to play ME3 on Xbox, so I can't get too worked up against EA.

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