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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Naruto: Collisions.

Scene shows Naruto and Itachi back in the Tsukuyomi.

Naruto: So what are we going to do here?
Itachi: You are completely synchronized with the Kyuubi. At your current level of power you can beat both Sasuke and Madara. But you don't stand a chance against Raiden. He is on an entirely different level in terms of power. That's why I will teach you something else. Something new.*
Naruto: What?
Itachi: Sasuke has a jutsu called Kirin. It's based on lightning manipulation to the degree where he can use the nature itself. You must do the same yourself. You must learn to control the wind that is in the nature. And think about the implications. The Kyuubi provides you near limitless chakra. So you can use an unlimited level of wind power. You can make use of it's cutting abilities to the greatest degrees. Also we will train to see if you have more elements. Because if you do, you must master them all. But that you're in full control of the Kyuubi...let's see if the demon wants to have a chat with me.

Scene shows HQ.

Shikaku is talking with Darui, Ao, Gaara, Shikamaru, Bee and Kitsuchi.

Shikaku: Raikage you will use your divions to hunt down Kabuto Yakushi. You will kill him on sight.
Darui: Got it. Because of him many of my shinobis died in the rampage of Kinkaku and Ginkaku. You didn't had to tell me to kill him because i was going to do that anyway.
Shikaku: Good...Mizukage you will concentrate your forces to kill the remaining Zetsu army. We must eliminate all the threats until we reach Madara. The Tsuchikage's division will act as backup for you.
Ao: Good. A well presented and simple strategy. Just like it was back in my days.
Kitsuchi: I hope that i will see that Uchiha brat. He will pay for what he did to my father.
Shikaku: And now, Shikamaru, you will send the majority of your divison to assist the Mizukage. You will select six shinobis that you trust and you will search for Tsunade-sama.*
Shikamaru: So this will be a covert mission...what a drag...i will do it.
Shikaku turns his head towards Gaara: And you as the Kazekage and Commander of this will protect Naruto and Itachi for one day. The Hokage must finish his preparations.
Bee: What bout me fool?
Shikaku: You will go with the Mizukage. You will assist him killing the Zetsus.
Bee: Boorriiinng... Those fools aren't worth of killing. But i will do it. Maybe I will get the chance to meet the Uchiha brat!
Kitsuchi: Or maybe i will get lucky and find him first!

Scene is switched to Naruto inside Tsukuyomi.

Naruto sweating: I think that i finally got it!
Itachi: It took you a whole year...but don't worry...we have time...we will stay here about twenty five years.
Naruto: How long are we going to lose in the real time?
Itachi: One day.
Naruto: Then we still have about twenty years to train!
Itachi thinking: God, he is Stubborn. But after we are done...there will be no other like him.*


Itachi is in front of the Kyuubi.
Kyuubi: Another Uchiha comes to disturb me. But i understand that you're a good one.
Itachi: Yeah, i'm the good one.
Kyuubi: That's a rarity among that clan filled with blood and hatred.
Itachi: Quite the irony...the malevolent beast despise a clan shrouded in blood.
Kyuubi: You got me there boy...what do you want?
Itachi: Tell me about the heritage. He must learn to do it, whatever it is, whatever it takes!
Kyuubi: That Raiden boy scared you, huh?
Itachi: He is our greatest threat. We must eliminate him, and Naruto is the only one with a power level comparable to his.
Kyuubi: There are two things for you to know. First the jutsu that the fourth created and he never finished it like the Rasengan. And the jutsu that the first Hokage, that Senju bastard , left behind for the next generations.
Itachi: Can you gove more details?
Kyuubi: Even better...i will show you...but first...Uchiha Itachi...
Itachi: What?
Kyuubi: Make him powerful...i chose him between this and Raiden's plan. Make sure that he won't fail. Because if he does..this whole damn world is gonna vanish.
Itachi with a sad voice: I will...i promise to you! Now show me !

Scene is switched to Ao and Bee

They are dashing through a forest with the rest of the division.
Ao: It seems that in this area the Zetsus are done for it.
Suddenly there is heard a voice.
Madara: The Zetsu army is just a diversion... now you will have to deal with us!
Ao: Madara...everyone! Take your battle positions! We will kill him here!
A shadow appears near Madara.
Sasuke:'Hello 8 tails.. You tricked me last time. But this time...i won't allow you to escape!
Bee: It seems that afterall...i'm the one that got lucky!*
Sasuke: Lucky you say? -he quickly makes a handsign- Fire release! Grand pheonix fire!
Sasuke sends a giant pheonix made of fire towards Bee, but Ao steps forward.
Ao: Suiton! Water wall!
A giant water wall colides with the fire jutsu.
Sasuke: That was the warm up.
Madara: I should let this to you Sasuke.
Sasuke: Get lost! You should let this to me? Weakling! Itachi was right! You're just a shell of your former self!*
Madara: You are going to far Sasuke!
Sasuke: Shut up! -he makes a handsing-*
Sasuke: Fire release! Grand Dragon of fire!
He sends the fire dragon towards Bee, but Ao makes a handsign.
Ao: Water release! Tsunami!
A tsunami is suddenly formed out of nowhere and it stops the fire dragon, but in the same instant Sasuke is behind Bee. As Bee turns around Sasuke activates his Spiraling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.
Sasuke: Infinite Tsukuyomi!
Bee makes the mistakes to look in Sasuke's eyes and in an instant he falls down uncouncious.
Sasuke: That's a Tsukuyomi applied only to one person. And it cannot be released by pushing others chakra in it. The perfect weapon.
Ao: Bee! -he makes various handsigns- Water release! Black rain torrent!
Ao's techniaue causes raining with black drops that are in fact inflamable oil. Sasuke is standing and lets the rain to touch him.
Ao: Now!
Random fodder: Katon! Flame bullet!
A giant fire bullet hits the oil drops instantly enveloping the full area in fire with Sasuke caught in the middle of it.
Ao: Did we got him?
Sasuke as the smoke clears up: You wish you got me.*
Sasuke is shown enveloped in his Susano'o form. He grabs Bee that was still lying down, *with the Susano'o hand.
Ao: Dammit! We must not let him take Bee!
Sasuke: Enough of this. It's time for me to show you the real power of an Uchiha.
Sasuke thinking: That fire technique that they used it comes in handy.*
He looks up and sees that storm clouds are forming.
Sasuke: I will show you...that the nature itself...answers to my command.
He activates Chidori on one hand and raises up his hand as thunders are heard. Everyone looks shocked.
Sasuke: Your time has were dead the moment you met me...KIRIN!!
A lightning comes from the clouds and goes straight towards the division.
Ao and the division are staring shocked and they are about to get killed.
Unknown: Fuuton! Sage art! Gargantuan Rasen-shuriken!
A giant rasenshuriken hits the lightning bolt and the two jutsus causes a giant explosion in the air.
Sasuke: So you've finally showed yourself.
Naruto is shown with a very serious look. His face is much more mature as a result from the training he got with Itachi.
Itachi lands near him.
Naruto: Let go of Bee Sasuke.*
Ao: Hokage-sama!
Sasuke: you're finally Hokage...the little brat has should thank me. If it wasn't for me to kill the Kages and kidnapp Tsunade you would still be a Genin.
Naruto: Itachi...i will leave Madara to you.
Itachi: I will leave Sasuke to you then...
Naruto: As i wanted.
Itachi:! I'm honored to fight alongside you!
Naruto with a surprised voice: don't have to call me that...
Itachi: You truly are the light of hope that everyone wished for...and you truly are a Hokage like none before you! I'm proud to serve under you!
Naruto: Then...let's do it!

Madara warps near Sasuke.
Madara: I assume that you will fight Naruto.
Sasuke: I will kill Naruto. There will be no fightning. I'm much more powerful then him!
Madara: Then it's time for your Edo brother to rest in peace. I will take on Itachi!
Sasuke: Do as you wish. Naruto is my priority!

Naruto to Ao and the division.
Naruto: Everyone! Take a safe distance. This fight will be out of control. I don't want to kill any of you by mistake.
Itachi: Well then...Naruto...give everything you got!
Naruto: I will...hey Sasuke- naruto pulls out a kunai similar to Minato's- ...let me show you...why i was chosen the Sixth Hokage!
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