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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

So got invited to an obnoxiously early morning screening of Tower Heist at my local cinema before they started playing it this afternoon. Don't judge me, it's my off season and I'm bored, but it was awful.

*My impression for the first day on set filming Tower Heist.*

Ben Stiller: Ok lets get started.. Uhhh.. Eddie Murphy, you maybe want to tell some jokes?

Eddie: Jokes? I didn't bring any jokes, I thought you brought the jokes Ben.

Ben: No I didn't bring the jokes. Casey Affleck did you bring the jokes?

Casey: Uh, I don't have jokes.

Ben: Huh... Michael Peña jokes?

Micheal: Nope sorry bro.

Ben: Matthew Brodrick jokes?

Matthew: I got nothing.

Ben: Alan Alda, maybe one joke?

Alan: Nope.. I.. I don't have any.

Ben: Director Brett Ratner, did you bring the jokes?

Brett: I did not bring the jokes, no.

Ben: Huh.. Alright lets make a comedy.

Aim for the ears I hear that works.
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