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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Naruto: Changing future.

Scene shows Sasuke and Naruto facing eachother.

Sasuke: So, Naruto...did you decide? You will be the hero who killed me, or just another loser who died at my feet?
Naruto: None. I will save you. And i will beat Raiden!
Sasuke: Raiden, huh? His power level is beyond what we can comprehend. You don't stand a chance.
Naruto: I will. Sasuke, now i'm the sixth Hokage...i think that you still don't realise the extent of my power.
Sasuke: Getting arrogant,are we?
Naruto: No. Actually not. There is a reason that i was chosen.*
Sasuke: And what's that reason?
Naruto: Because i'm the only one who can beat you!
Sasuke: You still speak like a child. To beat someone means that you won't kill that person.You're still a soft fool!
Naruto smiling : Yeah! I won't kill you! And if this mean that i'm a fool, then i will be a fool! This is my ninja way!*
Sasuke making handsigns: Then i will kill you! I will show you that this is not a world for fools! Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan!*
Naruto goes Sage Mode.
Sasuke: Interesting. What's that chakra that you're aquiring?
Naruto: Natural energy.
Sasuke: won't be enough to stop this! Eternal Mangekyou! Darkness beam!
Sasuke sends from his palm a dark beam like the one he used against the Sage.
Naruto stands and smiles waiting for the blow to hit him.
Sasuke screaming: YOU'RE DEAD!!!
As the beam hits Naruto the whole area is engfulled in smoke and dust.
As the dust cleares Naruto is shown unscathed.
Sasuke with a surprised voice: How!?!
Naruto: You see...with Sage Mode combined with the instincts that Kyuubi provided me...i can sense the magnitude of one's attack. So, I release chakra from my body proportionally to the power of the attack to negate it.*
Sasuke: Impossible! You cannot have that much chakra!
Naruto: Actually i do. Kyuubi provides me an almost endless pool of chakra and it's also the Natural Energy around me. Prepare yourself,'s time for me to attack.
Sasuke thinking: Dammit! Why i can't just kill him!?!
Suddenly an orange flash is seen an Naruto is behind Sasuke touching him on the shoulder.
Naruto: You see? I could have killed you right away. But i didn't. That because despite're still my friend!

Scene shows Itachi facing Madara

Madara: You did too much! You won't mess my plans anymore!
Itachi: Your plans? The pawn rises above it's master? As far as I know this is Raiden's plan.
Madara: Don't you dare!
Itachi: But i dare! I know everything Madara! That you failed that day to integrate your brother's powers into you...that Hashirama was released from your genjutsu by Uzumaki Mito, that Hashirama killed your brother...that you lost sight of your power because you almost failed taking Hashirama's powers...that you hid yourself for the next years...i know it. From the proud Uchiha Madara, the legendary you're just a coward that bows to someone else. And also a powerless coward. You took the Rinnegan but you cannot use it's full're weak Madara. And that's why you will die here today!*
Madara: Even if I will never win. Raiden-sama is beyond your level of understanding.
Itachi: I admit it...i was paralyzed by fear when he encountered me in the forest...but there is a man who will stand against him and defeat him!
Madara: There is nobody that powerful.
Suddenly they saw an orange flash.
Itachi: But there is. The Sixth Hokage Uzumaki Naruto!
Madara: Dreams. The boy isn't a match for Sasuke...for Raiden he is just an ant.
Itachi: Get real Madara. The boy is much more powerful then you ever were. He is in full control and has Kyuubi's cooperation, he mastered the Sage Mode and he knows a jutsu that Sasuke can't defend against it.
Madara: Even so...Raiden-sama is on a whole different level. You really don't understand. You never achieved the EMS to be able to get it.*
Itachi: What do you mean?
Madara: When an Uchiha achieves the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, he becames aware that there is a being that controls his existence and he must obey to that being. When i got the EMS i became aware of Raiden's power. That's why you don't get it. Because you cannot grasp his full power.
Itachi: True. But i trust that Naruto will defeat him! Because he is the ray of hope that we all wanted!

Scene shows Shikamaru

He leads a team formed by Kankuro, Hiashi Hyuuga, Shibi Aburame, Ibiki Morino and Aoba Yamashiro. They are shown dashing through a forest.
Shikamaru: We have found the enemy's base. Hiashi-sama, check if there is any living person inside.
Hiashi activates his Byakugan and sees a prison in the basement where a woman is held. But he also spots another man in there.
Hiashi: Bingo. Two birds with one stone. Tsunade-sama is in there. But in the room is also Kabuto.
Shikamaru: Perfect then. Everybody stop then and listen to the plan.*

Panel shows the room where Tsunade is held. *There are torches on the walls

Tsunade: You will be killed brat. Release me and you will be sparred.
Kabuto: Trust me Princess Tsunade. I won't get killed that easily.
Unknown voice: That easily huh?
Ibiki suddenly appears behind Kabuto trying to strike him with a kunai, but the latter dodges only to get hit by a fireball sent by Aoba.
Aoba: Did we get him?
Kabuto appears behind him giving him a kick and throwing him in some *rocks.
Hiashi appears behind Kabuto and he tries to get a clean hit but Kabuto evades the attack. He reappears near a torch.
Tsunade watches all this deployment.
Tsunade noticing something and thinking: They re too they are waiting for those hits and his Kabuto is droven where his body can make a sha...That's it!
Shikamaru appears behind Kabuto: Shadow Jutsu! Shadow control!
A shadow extends from Shikamaru catching Kabuto. The latter remains still.
Kabuto: So you've managed to catch me. Look at you Nara. From the Scared genin you were back then to the position of Commander of the Army.*
Shikamaru: I*didn't asked for your opinion.
Kabuto: You know that as soon as I can move my hands, because you won't be able to keep me like this forever...i will kill you, don't you?
Hiashi appears near Kabuto.
Hiashi: Gentle fist! Chakra circulation cataclism!
Hiashi applies 2256 hits to Kabuto's body.
Hiashi: You can't let go of him for now, Shikamaru. He won't be able to move an inch for a few hours.
Shikamaru releases the jutsu and Kabuto falls down on his knees.
Kabuto: Damn you...
Hiashi: *Shibi!
Shibi: Got it! Insect devouring jutsu!
Hundreds of insects emerge from Shibi's coat and envelop Kabuto.
Shibi: And now he won't be able to mold chakra. Those insects are releasing a chemical in his blood that blocks the circulatory sistem of his chakra.*
Shikamaru: So it was a succes. Take Tsunade-sama and retreat!

Scene shows *Naruto and Sasuke.

Sasuke dashes away from where Naruto was.

Sasuke: What was that?!? Damn you! You will die! Even if it costs me my eyes again!
Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan! Black Hole Void!
A giant black hole opens near Naruto and catches him. Sasuke watches as Naruto gets enveloped by the black hole and he slowly vanishes.
Naruto makes a handsign: Flying Thunder God technique!
In an instant he is again behind Sasuke giving him a kick in the back. Sasuke is thrown away but he quickly regains his posture.

Madara observes Nauto's move: Amazing! He mastered the Flying Thunder God! But he didn't used any marks or kunais!
Itachi: he doesn't need to! That's Flying Thunder God level three! He can use it because of the Natural energy surrounding him. The whole Earth has Natural Energy. So he just need to transport somewhere where the energy's pattern is. And since it's everywhere...
Madara: He doesn't need any marks...still that's not enough!

Sasuke: So that's what you used before. Enough of this. I waited long enough to crash you!-he starts gathering chakra-*Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan! Demonic ways! Curse of the heavens!
The sky is cracked revealing another giant black hole. From the hole it's released a giant beam of darkness towards Naruto!
Sasuke: This is my ultimate ninjutsu! It's breaks the laws of this world! It tears apart the very fabric of reality! When the beam will hit you, your very existence will be erased from the space and time! It would be like you never were here!
Naruto looks surpised at the beam descending towards him.

Next panel shows Naruto talking with the Kyuubi.

Kyuubi: You need to stop that jutsu brat! Either it will destroy everything in it's path! I never saw something like this before!
Naruto: me...release all you chakra at once in my hands..i will try to send something to it in order to oppose it. It's time to use our most powerfull jutsu
Kyuubi: Do it fast brat!

Scene shows Naruto in Sage Mode.

Naruto is shown to develop red chakra around his arms.
Naruto: Kage Bushin!- he makes two clones-
Naruto is having his hands completly enveloped in red chakra.
Naruto: let's do it!*
The red chakra arounds his arm forms two hands and together with Naruto's hands it starts forming a Bijuu Bomb.
Naruto: It seems that it's working! - he looks at the clones- the first one! Push wind in this! The second one! It's time to use my second element! Combine water with this!
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