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Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
any guesses as to what was it that Makarov showed Gildartz ?

Fairy related, Dragon related, legendary weapon ?
Going to have a guess that it might have something to with the prophecy that Makarov talked about ages ago at the start of the Edolas Arc. He mention how Fairy Tail now had Three Dragon Slayers, so going to say its involved with that somehow. Althougth I cant even think what most likely Dragon Related if it involves the Dragon Slayers.

Also folk are mention that Grandine will make an appearance, as much as I'm dying to actually see the Dragons I believe it wont be her, Rogue and the other guy are replacements for Natsu and Gajeel, I believe the sky dragon they talked about will be the replacement of Wendy during the 7 years away.

Another thought came to mind Sabertooth came too due to 5 members, and we have now seen those two, and i think the Sky Dragon replacement will be in that guild too. But do you think we will see other Dragon Slayers perhaps older ones like the ones around before the time skip ?

Also on my earlier post I mentioned how there was no way to duplicate the Dragon Slayers stuff, sorry was wrong dont know why i forgot the Dragon Lacriyma, so going to guess those two dragon slayers have that implanted in them.
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