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Re: 258

Lasting thought from the chapter: did Cana's boobs get bigger?

Anyway. Don't think Gildartz was scared but more in awe of what he saw. So I'm going to guess it is Fairy related that helps enhance the power of Fairy Tail, blah blah nakma powered blah. Maybe secret garden full of fairies and their magic.

New dragon slayers? This should be good. They seem to be obliterating dark guilds so I wonder how they'll match them up against FT, because the chapter had a very "Hidan and Kakuzu" introduction feel. Also, was it ever explained the connection between the dragon slayers and the cats? I keep forgetting. In any case, the story could always use more of them. Just wondering if Happy or Charlie or the two new ones have the ability of Pantherlily, because they the temporty big form is a more interesting aspect to them rather than just flying.

Interested to see what's about to happen to Marakov. He's setting up Gildartz because he has other plans, I'm guessing. Since Hiro is utterly unwilling to just kill the guy off, I'm betting he's off to the Mage Council.
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