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Originally Posted by Spiegel View Post
It could be possible there are more dragon slayers. Its not to say that Igneel, Metalica (I think that was Gajeel's dragon), and Grandine were the only dragons. I'm open to the idea, should be interesting.
The problem is that niether Natsu or Gajeel have mentioned anything about having fellow pupils that trained with their respective dragons. I'm assuming from their looks that before the time-skip they were younger then Natsu and Gajeel, which raises the question of where have they been up until now. What caused them to go separate ways after the dragons disappeared? If done right, this has potential to be really good, or really disappointing.

Just as ACt mentioned, Makarov is probably going to do something crazy like sacrifice himself to the Magic Council or something of the ridiculous nature to re-claim the regular Fail Tail building that they built. The idea of Happy and Charles getting power ups similar to Pantherlily's would be a new twist and be more beneficial to Natsu since Happy is usually helping Natsu with arial combat and what not.
I don't think Makarov is going to "sacrifice" himself in the way your thinking. There's really no reason to. The guy is among the 10 wizard saints, a highly respected man among the other guilds, and has powerful friends in many places. Plus with the media coverage that FT's been receiving ever since their return, Makarov should have celebrity status. If anything I see him getting a seat on the council, in order to gather info easier, and smooth things if his guild gets in trouble.

Something that I find kind of strange is that, their old headquarters is about to get foreclosed on, yet they've been partying for 2 weeks now. They should be out their making some cash. A few S-ranked missions should be enough to cover it.

Hiro is taking a page from Oda and increasing boob size every 100 chapters or so. lol

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
To me it seems like 3 new kids were adopted to replace the 3 that went missing. For all the Dragons knew Natsu, Wendy, & Gajeel were all dead. Sting was talking about Natsu & Gajeel as if himself & Rogue use to idolize them.
That would mean the Dragons have returned though. It would be kinda retarded that nobody has mentioned something like that to them in the 2 weeks they've been back. If Natsu meets up with Igneel in a few chapters, and some character is all like "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about that.", I would lulz hardcore.

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