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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Naruto: Sasuke Uchiha's History.

Scene shows HQ.*

At a table the Kages, Darui, Ao, Gaara and Kitsuchi are standing with Shikaku, Tsunade *and Shikamaru.

Shikaku: In a matter of moments, the sixth Hokage will arrive here with Uchiha Sasuke. We will decide here how to punish him for his crimes.*
Darui: We will kill him!*
Tsunade: Don't be hasty boy! He may have precious intel on the enemy!
Ao: It's not about the intel. He is a symbol. The symbol of evil. He must be destroyed. There is arguing about that.
Shikamaru: I bet that Naruto will have something else to say about this.
Kitsuchi: What do you mean?
Shikamaru: If he wanted to kill Sasuke..he would do it when he got the chance. I don't think that he will allow you to kill Sasuke.
Darui: He cannot keep us down!
Tsunade angry: You really don't grasp Naruto's power...don't you, Raikage?
Darui surprised: What do you mean?
Shikaku: She means that currently, Naruto is the most powerfull Shinobi that we have on our side. He mastered Sage Mode and the Flying Thunder God technique, he synced with the Kyuubi and he has a nearly unlimited pool of chakra. You cannot restrain him and hope to kill Sasuke.
Kitsuchi: Well, the kid didn't dissappointed us yet. He made the correct choices until now. I think that we should trust him on this one like we did before.
Darui: We will see.
Shikaku: Now, you wish to take back your rank as Hokage?
Tsunade: No. Why should I? The villagge it's in the best hands ever. Naruto can handle it.
Shikaku: Then so be it. As the Jonin commander i will give him my vote of confidence. Because he proved that he is the Hokage that he promised to be!

Scene shows naruto, Itachi and Sasuke dashing towards HQ.

Itachi: Naruto...are you sure? Don't you think that the other Kages will oppose it?
Naruto: It doesn't matter.*
Sasuke: Why are you so confident? They won't forget what i did.
Naruto: I said that it doesn't matter. Trust me on this one Sasuke.
Itachi: Nevertheless...we have to concentrate our remaining forces in Konoha. The scroll is there held by a special seal in place. We have to protect it from Raiden.*
Sasuke: What's this scroll about?
Itachi: The Kyuubi told me that on it there are two things: first the formula to subjugate the Juubi, and the details of an unknown jutsu. Raiden wants them both. That's why he made Madara to fight Hashirama. To get his hands on the scroll. That's why your path was guided towards this. Everything was centred around that scroll.
Naruto: Hey, Sasuke...
Sasuke: What?
Naruto smiling: I'm glad that you're back! Amd i will protect you from everyone at the cost of my life!
Sasuke: Well, might be surprised.*
Naruto: What do you mean?
Sasuke: You will find out soon. I will reveal something of great importance at the meeting.

Scene shows the meeting in the HQ.

Radom fodder to the Kages, Shikamaru and Shikaku: The Hokage has arrived...
Tsunade to herself: So it begins...what choice did you made, Naruto?

Naruto enters with Sasuke behind him and Itachi the last one.
Naruto to everyone: We need to talk. And Sasuke here will tell the story.*
Darui: Sasuke...he must die! He is not here to find an excuse or something! I will kill him with my own two hands!
Kitsuchi: Stop it Raikage!
At the same time Darui jumps over and in an instant he is behind Sasuke trying to hit him a sword enveloped in black lightning. As the blade comes closer to Sasuke's hand, everyone stares shocked. Suddenly the blade stops right before hitting Sasuke. Naruto is shown with an angered face. The panel shows that he stoped the blade with one hand.*
Darui thinking: Impossible!
Naruto: I said that we will listen to him. Sit down Raikage. Or do you want me to make you?
Darui is shocked but he retreats back to his place.
Sasuke: Now..that you've calmed will hear me!
Kitsuchi: Before you speak boy...nothing that you will say will save you! We will listen to your story just because we respect and we trust the Hokage. But you will pay for your crimes!
Sasuke: Listen to my story first. You will be surprised after i will finish. But first...Tsunade...domI have your permission?
Naruto: Permission? For what?
Tsunade with a sad face: Yes, Sasuke you do...
Naruto: What's this all about? Tell m...
Itachi stops him: Stop it Naruto. Let him speak. We will find out soon.
Itachi thinking: Don't tell me that they made him to...
Naruto: Okay...then go for it Sasuke!
Sasuke: all started a few years the Chuunin Exam in Konoha. My team encountered Orochimaru and i have to say that i was pretty useless...Naruto managed to save my life, but at that time...Orochimaru was too much for us to handle. He gave me a Curse Mark, but Hatake Kakashi managed to seal it...partially. The hate was strong in me, because of my brother. Soon, Tsunade was elected as the Fifth Hokage...and secretly she learned me how to endure the Curse Mark and control my powers. She told me that Orochimaru gave me that Curse Mark in order to make me search for power...and that she had a plan. A plan that would mean the end of the snake. But slowly the Mark took over my senses, before Tsunade could give me the details of the mission.But i knew the plan. *And i fled Konoha and started the search for the snake. I clashed with Naruto and i barely got out alive. Tsunade sent him after me because she thought that i would gave up the mission and i will join Orochimaru. She thought that i would not stick to the plan, to be a double agent. Eventually i reached Orochimaru, where i got much more skilled. He trained me constantly and he provided me a large array of jutsu and a better understanding of my Sharingan.At the same time i was sending reports back to Konoha. Directly to the Hokage. At some point she sent me one of Danzo's minions with Naruto's team after me. I was supposed to kill Danzo's man. But i failed. Because of Naruto. I was still filled with revenge. *Soon i've killed the snake and i went after my brother.We fought and my brother died removing Orochimaru's influence from me. But he revealed to me, that he didn't killed the Uchiha clan alone. That there was another person involved. I decided to kill that person too and then return to Konoha in peace. But Madara got to me first, before i could get to him. I stayed with him, i tried to find a weakness, but i failed doing so. I thought that i should achieve a far greater power in order to stop Madara. My reports to Konoha ceased. Itachi told me about an advanced form of Mangekyou Sharingan. I've decided that i need it. I've played my role as a criminal very well. But i didn't killed anyone before i got my Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. And i had to be very convincing when i killed those guys. Because when an Uchiha achieves the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan...he starts to realise the extent of some mysterious force. He power that someone holds over the Uchiha's destiny. You realise that you cannot do anything to release yourself from that powerfull grip that made ties with your clan for generations. And you get to see a glimpse of that mounstrous chakras. That's Raiden's power. The grip that holds us in place. When i got the EMS i became aware about who Raiden is. I knew that he was a threat. He holds in his hands our destiny...and his plan is very complicated.That's why, in order to find the crucial weakness i had to be very convincing. *I had to slaughter everyone that came in front of me. But i have to ask something from you: judge me after the war is over. We must kill Raiden. He is a threat to our world, much greater then we can hope. And I know a way.
Darui: I don't get it. Raiden wasn't there when you killed Kakashi for example.
Sasuke: He wasn't...but when one gets the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan...Raiden sees everything that we do. He knows what we do. That's why i did it.*
Ao: He is telling the truth. There were no disturbings in his chakra. I know because i'm a sensor. *He was a double agent and he still is. It seems that his loyalties are with Konoha. And based on his story, if he didn't acted this way he wouldn't hold the piece of information that we need.
Darui: Are you sure Mizukage!?!
Kitsuchi intrerupts: I think that the brat is not lying. The story fits to what we know so far. Even though he killed my dad.
Gaara slowly rises up: Sasuke Uchiha. You are guilty of murder. You killed Hatake Kakashi the former Raikage and Tsuchikage and many others. But...i'm ready to get over these if you help us defeating Raiden.
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