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Exclamation Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Naruto: The Final Battle.

*Scene shows Konoha's meetings room.
At a table there are Darui, Ao, Kitsuchi, Gaara, Tsunade, Shikaku, Shikamaru,Itachi and Naruto.

Shikaku: Well...let the meeting begin. Shikamaru present us thenstructure of our defences.
Shikamaru: We evacuated all the villaggers. We made medical camps all over the villagge. Shizune and Sakura are in charge of them. I divided the forces in teams. Each team has long range fighters, close range and mid range fighters, genjutsu users, taijutsu experts,fuuinjutsu shinobis and tracking ninjas. There are seven teams. Each team has a strategical position and if Raiden attacks one of the teams, the other ones can provide backup immediatly. Also the ANBU's are already dispatched. They are scattered across the villagge in small team and they are ready to engage Raiden.
Shikaku: Good...well done Shikamaru. Now, about the scroll...
Naruto: I will protect it.*
Shikaku: Good...but i think we need to be extremly cautious. I propose that all the Kages should protect the scroll. If Raiden manages to defeat us, you, the Kages...will be our last resort.*
Darui: But then, who will lead the defensive and offensive?
Shikaku: I will lead the defensive. And Shikamaru the offensive. Your lives are more important, because you are much more powerfull then us. If we manage to hurt him you can finish him. We count on the weakness that Sasuke spotted.
Ao: But where is Sasuke?*
Shikaku: Because of the powers of Raiden to see through Sasuke's eyes we didn't let him in here. We don't want Raiden to know about our plans.
Kitsuchi: Then it seems that this is the final stage of this war...
Darui: We must win! We cannot let him beat us!
Tsunade: That's why...i Put my faith in you Naruto! I know that you will protect the scroll!
Suddenly she rises up: Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto! You are the ray of hope that we need! I didn't made this official , but it's time. Here, today...i entrust the title of Hokage to you! Protect the village at the cost of your life and guide it to it's benefit in times of peace and times of war! Do you swear so?
Naruto: I swear so! I will put my life on the line for the villagge!
Shikaku: And with these said everyone get to your battle positions!
Tsunade: I will join the main army too! I won't let the enemy get to you Naruto!
Darui: What about Bee-sama?
Kitsuchi: I think it's too late for him...
Naruto: Bee...we must save him too!
Itachi: It's too late...the Tsuchikage is right. Raiden has him already. He might be even dead by now.
Naruto: But! What if he isn't! It worths the effort!
Darui with a sad voice: Hokage...i know that you cared for Bee...i cared too for him..he was like a brother to me. But as much as I hate to say this...they are right..we must concentrate our forces on Raiden.
Itachi: I will fight alongside you. I'm an Edo Golem. I use my most powerfull attack on Raiden without the fear of dying from exhaustion. I will protect you Naruto.
Gaara: Then, as General of this Alliance...this is my first and my last order for you. Give everything you got. We must not let him defeat us. We will protect our world and we will survive...because we are proud shinobis!

Scene shows Raiden looking at the Demonic Statue. Bee is on the ground.

Raiden makes a handsign and the statue dissappears.
Raiden to himself: And now...the Hachibi was sealed inside the statue. It's time to get the Kyuubi. It seems that Sasuke betrayed me. It doesn't matter...he is not usefull anymore.
Bee slowly rises his head.
Bee with a whispered voice: Fool...
Raiden: I'm surpirsed. You survived the extraction.*
Bee: Fool...Naruto...he...will..beat you...that kid is...much more powerfull..then you ever...imagined...
Raiden: Hmpf...we will see..but don't worry. You will get to find out how was the battle in the next life. Naruto will tell you personally how i killed him.
Raiden goes near Bee and the last image shows Bee shocked and Raiden touching Bee's chest.

Scene shows Sasuke standing on the head of Hashirama and looking at the horizont.

Unknown voice: How do you think that all of this will end?
Sasuke turns his head and he sees Naruto standing on the top of Minato's head.
Sasuke: The meeting is over?
Naruto: tell me. What do you think?
Sasuke: I think that eventually we will win this. I really wanted to ask you...i understand why Raiden wants the Kyuubi...but why does he need the scroll?
Naruto: Because on the scroll are the details of a technique left to us by the Sage. It was transmited to the Senju clan and after the First's fight with Madara he encrypted that jutsu on the scroll.*
Sasuke: Do you know the jutsu?
Naruto: Partially. I worked on it with Ero-sennin but i never got the true meaning of the jutsu and neither did Ero-sennin. It's like something is missing. Like we need a key to be able to grasp the meaning of the jutsu.
Sasuke surprised thinks: Could it be!?! Naruto is an Uzumaki, one of the clans that descended from the Sage...and thus he has the Sage's body means that he lacks the "eyes" to be able to understand the jutsu!
Naruto smiling: But it doesn't matter. I will defeat Raiden with your help and there will be peace! Now come with me! There is something i must do.

Scene shows Shikamaru with his division, Shikaku with his and Tsunade with her divions. Itachi is with Shikaku.They are all gathered at the base of the Hokage Tower. Suddenly a figure appears on the top of the Kage tower.

Naruto: Fellow ninjas! I talk to you right now for all of the Kages. This war had a purpose. Madara's goal to control our world. But Madara is dead! We have a greater enemy! The man who created Madara, the man who organized all of these...the true mastermind. But he failed to see the entire picture of this war! Because of him...we have gathered here today...a force that the Shinobi world didn't knew before! We are not an Alliance anymore! We Stand as an unity! You are all proud shinobis! And you all had moments in your life when you felt prouder then ever that you are ninja!*You remember those moments don't you? The feeling of total confidence that you can make this life the way you envision it? It's still there. You just need to fight this day alongside me to defeat the evil that threatens our world! Let's show Raiden what we are made of! Let's show him that he cannot bring us down that easily! Put aside all your fears! Let's show him that having the guts to win it's above his power! Let's show him our power of will! LET'S SHOW HIM WHY ARE WE CALLED SHINOBI!!!!

All the crowd starts shouting and applauding. The speech that Naruto had made the shinobis very sure on themselves. They are all answering Naruto's question by yelling their joy and courage. Naruto slowly turns around only to see Sasuke landing near him.

Sasuke: It seems that you are quite the spirit of the battle.
Naruto smiling: Yeah...
Sasuke: Prepare yourself Naruto...this will be the hardest fight you ever had. This will be our worst nightmare...
Naruto: But now i have my friend here to help me!
Sasuke: Naruto...i won't lie to you...i was covered in darkness...the hate and the revenge draw me to an inch to be just like Raiden. But something changed me. In his last moments Madara showed me his life with that jutsu. I saw the chain of hatred that surrounds our clan. And i decided to broke it. That's why i'm here today with you.
Naruto: you will break it. We will kill Raiden and you will break it.
Sasuke: It's the first time i hear you about killing someone.
Naruto with a serious face: He is beyond redemption. He is a real threat that can be eliminated just by killing it. There is no other answer to this.
Sasuke: You will be able to deliver the finishing blow?
Naruto: This time i will do it. And without any arrogance...he will witness the full power of the Sixth Hokage!

Panel shows Shikaku talking with Itachi.

Shikaku:'s finally the seems that our Hokage is doing a good job.
Itachi with a smile: Who would have thought that the brat who could use only Shadow Clone would be Hokage today? And that we all trust him to win this.
Shikaku: True...he has comed a long way...and he managed to surpass all of us.
Itachi: Tell me...he was always this determined?
Shikaku smiling this time: Yeah, he was...-flashback- Shikaku remembers Naruto on the Chuunin exam defeating Neji, how they found him and Gaara and how Sasuke told them how Naruto defeated Gaara, reading the report about Naruto defeating Deidara and saving Gaara, the report about Naruto defeating Kakuzu, his fight with Pain...
Itachi: This boy is the key to the future afterall...

Scene shows Naruto inside his mind facing Kyuubi.

Kyuubi: Runt! This time you will have to give everything you got. No holding back. Raiden's power is no joke. If you don't concentrate you will die.
Naruto: I soon as this is over i will keep my promise. I will release you.
Kyuubi: Survive this and we will take about that later.
Naruto: I will! I never give up! This is my ninja way!
Kyuubi thinking: Hmpf...who would have thought that i will put my hopes on this brat...

Panel is switched showing Naruto and Sasuke.

Naruto: It's time. Let's go Sasuke. To the Hokage's vault. We must stay there.
Sasuke: the Hokage vault? Where is that?
Naruto: In the basement of the Hokage mountain. It's cave there and it goes right down the mountain.. The other Kages are already there. We are the last defence.

Scene is changed as they leave towards the vault.
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