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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Scene is changed as they leave towards the vault.

A random fodder appears near Shikaku.

Shikaku: What is it boy?
Fodder: The enemy! He just appeard in front of the gates!
Shikaku: Go tell the news to everyone and then resume your battle position.
Fodder as he dissappears: Roger!
Itachi: It seems that he is finally here.*
Shikaku: The last battle for our freedom..has begun!

Scene shows Raiden staying at the front gates. He wears a black shirt and black pants,he has black hair and the Spiralling doujutsu in his eyes. Over the black shirt he has a white armor and a sword tied to his back. He looks at the gates smiling.

Raiden: seems that you are prepared for me...-he makes a handsign and the gates are simply destroyed. As he steps inside the villagge he spits the army waiting for him.
Raiden to the Army: Shinobi! I don't wamt to kill all of you. Hand me over the Kyuubi and the secret scroll and i will not spill your blood!
Tsunade: So you're Raiden. Your long life was for nothing if you didn't understand that we don't betray our commrades! Not even at the cost of our life! Shinobi Army! Attack him!

Raiden smiles as the Shinobi army dashes towards him.
Raiden: So be will all die here today.
Raiden makes a handsign and he creates a pressure zone and when the first line enters it they are decimated. The pressure applied to their bodies tears them apart.*
Raiden: Luckly to you that's an one time shot for today.
Tsunade appears in front of him and she tries to deliver a kick to his face but Raiden catches her leg and throws her away. At the same time Itachi appears in front of Raiden.
Itachi: Amaterasu!
Raiden: Ninshu! Void!*
The black flames are absorbed and Raiden throws a punch on Itachi's chest making a hole. As Itachi recovers Raiden approaches him.
Raiden: You lived long enough. It's time for you to leave this world.
He tries to touch Itachi but he remain paralyzed.
Shikaku: Shadow Control. Complete!
Shikaku is shown standing on one knee. He managed to stop Raiden with his shadows.
Raiden: Do you think that you can stop me with that?
Shikamaru appears above Raiden. He makes a handsign
Shikamaru: Shadow spear!
From the earth emerges a spike but Raiden breaks the Shadow Control and dodges the spike.
Raiden: Intelligent. But it's not enough.
Shikamaru: Now!
Lots of Ninjas are appearing on the battlefield. They surround Raiden and they all make the same handsigns. At the same time all of them release the same jutsu: Fire style! Fireball! Giant flame technique!
Hundreds of flames are released towards Raiden. As they approach him he smiles.
Raiden: Ninshu. Particle implosion.
All the fodders that used the fire jutsu are eviscerated by Raiden's jutsu. Their body is destroyed from the inside. The fireballs hit Raiden and as the smoke clears we can see that he is unscathed.
Itachi: Could you distract him for a few moments? I need to prepare my jutsu!
Shikaku: Sure. Let's go everyone!*
Dozens of ANBU are closing in Raiden but he takes out his sword from the back and he clashes with them. As he passes through their line the ANBU ninjas are falling down on earth killed.*
Temari notices the way in which Raiden killed them with the sword.
Temari: What tremendous skill!*
Raiden spots her and at an instant he is behind her. Temari quickly turns around and she swings her fan.
Temari: *Wind release! Cast net!
Before she can fully swing her fan to initiate the attack Raiden catches her hand.
Raiden: Enough.*
Temari gets a shocked expression as Raiden puts his hand on her chest.Shikamaru appears a few meters away and he notices shocked the image. He quicky dashes towards them.
Raiden: Ninshu. Particle explosion!
Temari looks to Shikamaru who is still meters away and she smiles as she pulverized by Raiden's technique.
Shikamaru: Noooooo!!! *- he insanely tries to attack Raiden-
Tsunade appears in front of Shikamaru stoping him from getting killed by Raiden.
Tsunade: Stop right there. You're the Commander. You cannot lose yourself like that.
Raiden: Can't you see Tsunade? The boy had feelings for this girl. Too bad that i killed her, huh?
Tsunade: He is messing with you. You are smarter then this. Don't fall for it. Calm down or you will be killed.
Raiden quickly jumps as a giant hand punches the earth. Near Tsunade and Shikamaru, Choza and Inoichi appear. Shikaku also lands near them.
Inoichi: Shikaku...the ANBU ninjas are all dead.
Choza: We also lost a great number of shinobi. We are almost half of the army right now.*
Shikaku: I know. Let's show the bastard...the Ino-shika-cho trio!
Raiden is suddenly in the middle of the group.
Raiden: Show me what?
Shikaku jumps away with Inoichi but Choza tries to land a hit on Raiden.
Inoichi shouts: Choza don't!
Raiden easily dodges the punch and he gives Choza a hit in the chest making a hole and thus destroying all of his internal organs.
Shikaku screaming: Choozaaaa!!!!
Choza retains his shocked expression as he falls down dead.
At the same time Tsunade gets behind Raiden and she delivers a Heaven Kick of Pain destroying the land. As the dust clears Tsunade's face is shown in pain with blood coming out from her mouth. The next panel shows Raiden holding a leg in his hand and the next panel shows Tsunade's entire body, missing a leg.
Inoichi : Tsunade-sama!
At the same time when he screams her name Raiden is behind Inoichi holding a sword.
Inoichi doesn't even has time to react as Raiden swings his sword.
Raiden: And that's the head of the Yamanaka clan.
He decapitates Inoichi as all the ninjas are watching in fear how their commanders are falling down.
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