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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

He decapitates Inoichi as all the ninjas are watching in fear how their commanders are falling down.
Itachi appears behind Raiden at the same time.
Itachi: It's over Raiden. This is your end
Raiden: You are very confident.
Itachi activates his Susano'o.
Itachi: I really am. Susano'o release.*Kamiyonanayo!!!
The Susano'o expands and explodes enveloping Raiden in the explosion.
As the dust clears Itachi is shown slowly regenerating.
Itachi: That should do it...-the next moment he falls down.
But Raiden appears unscathed from the dust.
Raiden: You failed, Uchiha Itachi. And now you will die!
But Raiden stops his attack because suddenly he is surrounded by a whole group. We can see Kiba, Neji, Lee, Tenten, Shino, And Choji.Shikamaru lands in front of them. Also a fodder grabs Itachi and dashes away with him.
Shikamaru: Where are Hinata, Ino and Sakura?
Neji: With the wounded ninjas.
Shikamaru: Good. They are not suitted for battle.*
Kiba: How's the situation?
Shikamaru: Deaths. Lots of them. On our side.
Kiba: Then let's show him our true power!
Shikamaru: Kiba stop it!
But it's too late...Kiba already dashes towards Raiden who's waiting smiling. As he gets close he tries to hit him with a fang over fang, but Raiden evades the attack and hits Kiba in his back throwing him in some buildings.
Lee: Kiba!!!
Suddenly Raiden is in the middle of them.
Raiden: You're all dead.
Neji starts rotating: Rotation!
But Raiden catches his hand and pulls Neji. He grabs Neji with one hand from his neck and he just breaks Neji's neck.
At the same Lee atempts to use a Konoha Whirlwind on Raiden but the latter makes a handsings and he releases a huge amount of energy throwing Lee in a building.
Raiden: Enough. I played with you enough. -he makes two handsigns-
Raiden:*From the divine skies and from the pegan earth make a bond that will bring the chaos upon reality...VARUUN!!!

From the center of Konoha and from the sky two beams of energy emerge and when the two beams meat eachother an explosion like a nuclear one eradicates Konoha and kills the majority of the army.

The next scene shows Shikamaru injured, barely rising up. He looks around. *It's like the apocalypse came down on Konoha. The sky is black and with thunderstorm clouds on it, the whole villagge is destroyed and there are bodies everywhere. He looks at the nearest body and he gets really shocked. It's a blonde woman who looks crippeld and old.
Shikamaru: Tsunade-sama...
He quickly dashes through the apocalyptic scenery seeing all over the bodies of his friends.
He spots almost everyone he knew, lying dead...Kiba, Lee, Neji, Tenten... Suddenly he sees someone alive dashing just like him.
Shikamaru: Sakuraa!! Stop right there!
Sakura is shown, injured as well and with a shocked expression.
Sakura: What happend? What? How is this possible? HOW???
Shikamaru: Let's go Sakura- he grabs her.

The next scene shows them arriving at the entrace of the cave to the Hokage's vault.
There they see a group of people who survived the jutsu. He sees his dad regaining his senses, he sees Choji, Hinata and Itachi fully regenerated...also there are many fodders.

Itachi: We have failed...we couldn't even touch him...
Unknown voice: That's why we shouldn't let so many people die.*
The group of survivors turns around and they see the Kages and Sasuke...the last hope.
Darui, Ao, Kitsuchi, Gaara, Sasuke and Naruto...they are all standing in a line.
Shikaku: The should protect the scroll...
Darui: Well we can't anymore. Naruto tried to get out all this time to engage Raiden in battle but Sasuke managed to restrain him for a little while with a genjutsu. When he woke up he was in a state that made us tremble in fear. We cannot hide anymore...we will fight Raiden now.
Shikamaru looks at Naruto
Shikamaru: Naruto...take the scroll...and get out of here!*
Naruto: What do you mean?
Shikamaru: He is too much...i don't think that even the Kages stand a chance against him.! Go! Save the scroll and your life!*
Naruto: I thought better about you, Shikamaru.
Shikamaru surprised: What do you mean?!?
Naruto: I'm the Sixth Hokage! Sage Master and the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi! I cannot just run away! I'm puting my life on the line!*
Darui: So do I !
Ao: The same here!
Gaara: I will do the same.
Kitsuchi: I can't lose to these kids! I'm putting my life on the line too!
Sasuke: Me to. We will defeat him.*
Naruto: Now...everyone listen to Sasuke. He will repeat again the weakness. We heard it in the cave but i want this to be clear.
Sasuke: The weakness is that when a normal EMS user activates his doujutsu, Raiden has a view of the user's actions. But he doesn't see that through his eyes. He has a mirror in which he sees it. But when I will activate my doujutsu he will see directly through my eyes. Because he gave me access to this power. His point of view will be limited. At that moment...give everything you got. We will use a decoy. He doesn't know that i have this information. That's why we will play an act at first. We will attack him with powerfull jutsu and the, when he thinks that he is victorious I will change his point of view and you will hit him with your most powerfull jutsu. Because practically he will be blind. That's why we can win this!
Naruto: So we all got the let's prepare for this!
Naruto makes two shadow clones.
Naruto to the clones: Hide yourselves and gather Natural Energy.*
As the clone dissappear Naruto himself goes in Sage Mode.

At the same time the panel shows him talking with the Kyuubi inside his mind.

Naruto: Give me every bit of chakra that you have. I will use it all in that attack.*
Kyuubi: I will give everything i got to you. It's time to prove who you really are. Naruto...
Naruto: What?
Kyuubi: It hurts to say this...but I put my faith in you! I trust that you won't deceive me and you will have the guts to win!*

Scene is switched back to the cave entrance.

The Kages and Sasuke are shown standing in a line waiting for the enemy.
Darui: Everyone...step back. You don't want to get caught in the blast.
Kitsuchi: I don't know about you guys...bur for me it was an honour to fight alongside you, and it will be an honor to die alongside you.
Ao: I never thought that we will get to this. This is not a battle for us's for the next generations! It is an honour to die alongside you!
Darui: It was an honour to meet you all, to fight alongisde you and it's a honour to die with you! Let's hope that we will meet in the afterlife if we lose!
Gaara: The same here. I'm honoured to fight alongside such shinobi.
Naruto: It was an honor to fight alongside you...but we won't die here today! We will kill him!
Sasuke: For the most part of the war...i was against you..,your enemy. But now, that i'm finally where i belong...i can say that it was an honour to meet you all and it's a honour to get to fight alongside you!

Suddenly the atmosphere is changed. The malevolent presence of Raiden can be sensed in the air. As he approaches the cave the surviors tremble in fear. But the Kages and Sasuke are standing proud, all with a menacing look in their eyes, waiting for him.

Raiden: Well, well...the five Kages...and Sasuke. You betrayed me boy?
Sasuke: I was never on your side. I was always Konoha's man.*
Raiden: It doesn't matter. You fulfilled your purpose anyway. You will die here today.
Sasuke: If i die here today...i will take you with me.
Raiden: Big words for a child. Don't get cocky brat.
Naruto: Shut up.
Raiden: What did you said?
Naruto: I said to shut the fuck up! Who do you think you are? You will die here today, because you are the expression of evil! We will not allow you to live!*
Raiden: Who do you think you are? You will not allow me to live? You are mere bugs compared to my power.
Naruto: Hm...then..the little bugs...will defeat you here, today!!!

Next chapter: Unleashed!
Coming up tomorrow.

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