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Re: Games and all things related

Originally Posted by Servo View Post

And I like your avatar btw, Rearmed was a fun fucking game, especially since I loved the original on NES.
yeah rearmed is the shit,i recently finished rearmed 2 on ps3. true that Spencer looks like a gaylord with the stache but it's really epic. he can execute a cute little jump that doesn't look like much..but it helps alot (i believe there is a neat trophy for those who beat the game without jumping once)

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Playing skyrim still. I smithed myself some orc armored gauntlet things and got some perk that makes my punching power go by my gauntlet defense or some shit. So now I kill things with my fists.

I was helping some little negro dude who worked in the stables in Riften. Some thief asshole was bullying him and I told her to fuck off, causing her to fuck off. The negro lad thanked me and told me that he wants to open up his own business or some shit. Then a dragon swooped down and killed him with his fire breath. I let out a thunderous dragon shout towards the heavens and once the dragon landed I ran up and punched it in the head till it died. It was fucking awesome. Good fucking game.
I play as a redgaurdian "Malik Belmont",am at level 9 now and slayed 3 dragons with my nice axes collective. i keep upgrading my onehanded battle and then am moving to upgrading archery. bought my own loyal horse which works as my finest companion,called him "Argourd" and he distract dragons when i fight them thus taking less damage. man i love Skyrim.
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