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Re: Games and all things related

A good place for automatic functionality (for casual gamers) would be in overall game management appose to plot development. Even if you are too lame to be caught up in an interesting story, missing important plot points would require you to alt-q or whatever brings up the quest window to view what you missed. Unless this whole thing is just referring to the non-plot shit. Like the good/bad moral decision making stuff. Which imo most games nowadays fail at making me care enough about any given ethical dilemma anyway, so whatever.

But Yeah, I can see many people choosing to automate stuff like character progression, party and inventory management ect. Though that escapes me too, I prefer to micromanage the the fuck out of every little aspect I can. To hell with letting the game make terribly erroneous decisions about anything on my behalf. So what you guys said, if its an option I can ignore doesn't bother me.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Buy hey, fuck yeah more options. They should add another playstyle for people that suck at games and don't care about the story and want to be able to eat while playing. It would just play the game for them while skipping all the cutscenes and dialog and shit so the player can down a sandwich and chips. Because sometimes I just want to have a delicious sandwich while unlocking achievements.
Holy shit reminds me of Project Quest. Anyone remember PQ? That “game” shrunk into oblivion pretty quick, but it was huge back in the late 90’s. If you don’t remember or haven't heard of it. Basically it was what Mibs described. An rpg that played it self. You set a char, role for stats and skills and shit, gave your char a name then clicked go. Then it was just a window that displayed text about what your character was doing, along with a progress bar indicating how far long you were in any given mission. And the missions were generic as all hell, like “Placating the piedmont posse. You have successfully placated the posse, you took 12 damage, gained 32 exp, and looted 9 gold.” Though you couldn't spent the gold on anything, nor level yourself up manually.

It was queer.... But I had that shit running in my taskbar for months while I played UO and shit.
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