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One Piece Franky

This for all the One Piece fans, its more or a question on what you think of the idea and do you think it is likely.

Anyways was watching the One Piece Ep 524, in this Ep its the one were Caribou attempts to kill the SH's by running onto there ship, we all know how that went for him. After he realises its him against the entire SH Crew Franky comes over and picks him casually.

Now this actually made me think, colour scheme wise Franky's arms, well the big rectangular parts are Blue, do you think there is a chance he might have fitted himself with some Seastone material ?

I mean we know Vegapunk was the one to fit the bottom of Navy Battleships with Seastone to make them invisible to Sea Devils, and he then went on the invent other uses like the Sea Stone Cuffs.

So real question I'm trying to ask, what do you think the chances are in Franky's arsenal he might have some sort of Seatone attack, like could be one of his missiles, or his form might change to the Seastone appear out. That sort of thing, if it were to happen he would make a very powerful player against Devil Fruit Users.

So what do you guys think ?
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