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Re: Tobi theory..



Based off of pure speculations, don't you think that the one person that Tobi would allow to see his face would be himself?
Kisame says Hi.

Granted, it is loosely implied that Itachi saw Tobi's face as well (for how could the Amaterasu technique that he implanted into Sasuke's eyes have
known when to activate, had the original owner not seen Tobi's Face?
Because it reacted to his sharingan not his face.

Then Upon close examination of Tobi's war-fan, we see the seal for Heaven's
Curse Mark on page 9 of issue 564. In this image, we clearly see the seal for Heaven's Curse Mark, as given to Sasuke by Orochimaru, on Tobi's war-fan.
Uh, no..we don't.

I'd glanced over this image three times previously before it caught my attention, because I subliminally saw three tomoe and assumed that it was simply a rudimentary Sharingan that Kishimoto decided to waste no time on.
You should have stuck with your gut, it's nothing more than than the three tomoe design. As seen here:

Now notice, how incomplete the so called "seal" on the fan looks.

Given the fact that we have seen so little about Sasuke's new Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan abilities, it is safe to assume that he, indeed, has new abilities. Furthermore, given that space/time techniques can arise out of the Mangekyo Sharingan (e.g. Kakashi's Kamui), it is not beyond reason to assume that Sasuke may have developed such techniques.
So what you're saying is because kakashi can port shit to other dimensions it means sasuke should be able to achieve time travel? Yeah..ok.

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