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Re: One Piece 649

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
I'm ok with Jinbei's decision. The dynamic of the SHs will remain intact now, but I like how Luffy is gathering allies with each voyage. The Kuja pirates, the rolling pirates, Elbaf will probably also be an ally since Luffy helped Brogy and Grogy and that giant in the human auction house.

And now he has a friend in the form of Shirahoshi and FMI, and she is an ancient weapon to boot. When the future wars come into play all these connections will come in handy. As Mihawk said during the war, Luffy's most terrifying ability is getting others to stand by him.

Does anyone else see Shirahoshi joining the SHs ?

Otohime said that a person would come who would guide her to the right path, and the right way to use her power. She will also need protection, which Luffy has provided since they met.
I agree on the point about gathering allies, it makes me think that Blackbeard might take a page from WB and form his own crew made up of Division commanders and when the story finally comes to the end for One Piece we will have Team Straw Hat with all his allies competeing again BB fleet.

I dont know if you forgot or just chose not to include them but remember he would have the Nakama Kingdom to back him up to, Iva san has been through alot with him and even met Sanji so I would count him on his list of allies.

I dont see Shirahoshi will join the crew, but do a 'Jinbei' os to speak and say that she will meet him in the near future, but again back to my previous point she would play a very powerful role if Luffy and his allies did need to go against BB or heck even the Government.

I know you quoted Hawk Eyes comment on his ability to have everybody side with him, but I think there is a line between allies and crewmates sadly.

I did think though thats them just about to head out, what do you think the possibilites of Hachi coming along with them to New World are I mean he was no the ship as they were setting out ?
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