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Re: Fairy tail 263

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
I was a little disappointing in Raven Tail they look like joke villains. Also are they going to crash the tournament or take part? How is a dark guild allowed to take part in the first place?
Agreed. I don't think they can take part (same reasoning as yours, dark guild stuff). Also I'm not sure... it depends on the translation as well I guess. But maybe they won't be crushing the tourment, yet do something to Fairy Tail specifically. "Painting FT black" might refer to some sort of defamation or scheme that leads to FT losing their official status. Or black = "dark" and thus refers to whatever Lumen Etoile is (if we associate "light" with it).

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
PS: It's funny how Gerard's guild crest on his cloths is close to his penis.
LOL, hadn't even noticed this until I read your PS XD

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