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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by kluang View Post
I was introduce to dnd by nwn and baldurs gate. before that never heard about it

And until now never played the dice rolling board one
Originally Posted by Mal View Post
It's a pretty good time, though as I've said before it all depends on who you're with.
^What he said.

Get that part worked out and it could definitively be worth a go dude. This is my first game in YEARS. And I didn't really know most of the group or the DM. But it was good to play again. I haven't been serious about it since 2nd edition. Holy shit what happened to THAC0? I could probably get down with the new rules. Probably doing to go stock up on some books this week. This go, I was running with an uncharacteristic Dwarven warrior. Our group was decidedly lacking in damage dealing and staying power, so I opted to fill that gap.

The people I was playing with, were only interested in kicking down doors and and dungeon crawling. So it was kind of tedious. Didn't really get the chance t0 rp much.

Originally Posted by Jaxon View Post
I roll a halfling wizard in DnD. He's called Kilgar The Relentless, and his two weapons are his fists and "verbal abuse". He swears at everything, and either punches it or sets it on fire. His motivation for being on the quest is that it's part of his anger management course.

Last week he picked up a mastercrafted axe. He insists on using it in combat even though his stats mean he can't hit shit with it.
I usually ran with a human rogue just because the sheer amount of skill he would have at high level. Or sometimes bard, for the versatility. As much as I enjoyed combat sequences, I liked to play my characters with less focus on battle. My old DM use to love me, because I would make shit interesting for him in ways some of the others players didn't. I enjoyed getting into political intrigue and shit. Would start off by surreptitiously committing some petty crimes, theft, assault and the likes. Then market myself off as some sore of traveling detective. Get hired to solve the rise in crime. Planting clues and incriminating evidence on some sap, and make off like a hero.

After making a name for myself and if in an a large city type area, I would take on jobs to investigate some nobles political rival, and create all sorts of outlandish false information and use it against both of them. Having any adversaries I might have get dispatched by others, all for the sake of keeping me on their side. Stuff like that. It ended up culminating with me "finding" proof of a plot to assassinate some member of a royal family, or even a king. Then being in the only person in a position to discover the "truth" and potentially foil the attempt. I had a king so weary and paranoid of everyone, that I was basically making all the crowns empirical decisions, cause the old fool was to scared to leave his bed chamber. Had him lock up his family, disband his guard, and replaced it with men loyal to me. All matters of state ran threw me and I would only dole out tid bits of information to the king as needed enough to satiate any questions he had. Was the man behind the curtain. Whispering poison in peoples years. Just to have them shower me with gratitude for it.

Holy shit. I miss those days. Think I'd like to get into another setting. I love mid evil fantasy and all, but that's all I ever played in. Like to try something more modern or futuristic. Like a cyberpunk style game or a space opera. Maybe something higher level all together. Some cosmic level shit.

Originally Posted by kluang View Post
Hellz yeah. I am digging the retro feel. Plus its always pleasing to see star scream get busted in the chops and dropped.

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