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Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

The US constitution has 3 systems of law that are allowed to be used within the continental US.

Common Law, Equity, And International Maritime law.

Common law is set up to be used for criminal prosecution of citizens of sovereign states. The premise behind common law is that in order to be forced to pay fines or serve time you must either attempt or succeed at harming someone's life, freedom or property.

Equity was set up to be the law that was used when someone sues someone else.

International Maritime law was set up to deal with businesses, most especially those that traded internationally.

Notice the lack of a type of law called statutory.

So how are some things like speeding tickets legal?
Well the short answer of this is: they're not.

In order to find out how they managed to pull of this scam, we have to go back to the depression.

Due to the way that our country was structured, there was absolutely no way for the government to borrow money - it was required to stay at the gold standard. FDR's new deal is in essence responsible for our current financial crisis. But how did they manage to pull this off?

Well upon further examination of the Constitution, you will see that it grants EXCLUSIVE control of federal territories solely to the US Congress, allowing them to set up their own laws with no approval from the president, and their own courts that are under their employ. Federal territories would be areas such as DC Guam and Puerto Rico. With this unilateral power, they had the ability to borrow money and print money that had no backing, but without the ability to apply it to everyone, it was meaningless.

Hence the scam:
Zip Codes.
Zip Codes are the number of the federal territory in which you reside. It was for this reason that they were introduced. Now this wasn't quite enough to turn state citizens into federal citizens, as the four letter state abbreviation was recognized as officially being the same as the sovereign state itself.

Hence the two letter state abbreviations. By getting people to switch over to the two letter as opposed to the four letter abbreviation along with the zipcode they were able to more or less convert the population of the US from sovereign citizens to federal citizens.

Now in order to get this to work they had to spread some bologna about what they were doing, so what they claimed to do was to blend common law and equity and called it statutory, when in reality it is just the system of law that was set up to rule territories that were underpopulated enough to not be able to develop their own sets of rules.

So the reason the government is allowed to violate your civil liberties is because they've stripped you of your citizenship, your rights, and even your proper system of law.

Supposedly you can reclaim these rights by doing two things:
1.Never using the 2 letter state abbreviation, always using either the 4 letter or the full one.

2. Adding "Without prejudice UCC 1-207" to your signature whenever you sign a binding legal document.
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