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Re: One Piece 650

Well first I would like to say great chapter really did enjoy it, it answered a great deal of things ive been thinking about, mainly things that happened during the Time Skip.

Now I didnt read this link as i found it on

Some of the stuff seems to be translated slightly different that to that link.

Well about the chapter.

I am a little annoyed at the battle of Aokiji and Akainu being off panel, on mangastream they said the fight lasted several days but I think the mangareader is more badass, 10 straight days off fighting just sounds so awesome !. I would like to think the Aokiji is just cycling around New World and the SH's bump into him one day that would be just so funny :P But if hes gone from the Marines do you think there is a chance that there could be two new Admirals as there is two slots now open, one being Aokiji and the other Akainu being promoted. I was a little suprised at hearing Akainu got the promotion, but when I think of the fight between him and Luffy in the distant future, that will be indeed Epic, Supreme Fleet Admiral Versus Straw Hat Captain.

I wasnt really surprised that Blackbeard was an Pirate Emporer now, I mean he basically has WB's DF if he wasnt consider strong enough then who else there ?. In the Mangasteam translations it states that BB is going around using the Gura Gura fruit, but Dagoro qutoed he wasnt using the fruit to take lands so I have mixed feelings ont that. Glad to see I was right about BB probably going around to find the strongest version of each category for the DF's, already has Logia and Paracemia so I wonder which Zoan he will be looking for as he said he studied a book of the fruits so must have some idea.

To the ancient weapons. Im glad they stated the proper amount of the weapons, 3 now we know they will be invovled in a later point rather than just saying there scattered a round the world without mention of the amount. In the Strong World Chapter, Shiki states Roger found a weapon I think he must have referring to Uranus, mainly due to it being the last one we found out about and we have had mention of the other two.

Big Mom should be making an appearance very soon, still hoping that its Lola mum would be a funny thing to see how she reacts to Luffy and the guys.

And lastly im looking forward to the next Cover page hopefully it will show all the folk involved Enies Lobby Arc, Like the Franky Family and the shipwrights.
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