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Re: One Piece 650

Originally Posted by Gakure View Post
This is what am talking abt. Let's move on to BigMom. Will be a good scale to measure the SH power. Good Chapt.

Letting two admirals fight for fleet admiral is the worst way I could think of to settle this issue. If voting doesnt cut it, they could do the power-sharing stuff. By using violence they lost a super power and who are they going to get to replace him? Judging by the war, the only VA that impressed me was Momonga. So am thinking the new Admirals if they must be three are Kizaru, Magellan and Momonga.

Smoker shd be a VA by now.
Sadly I cant see Smoker being a Vice Admiral, his Devil Fruit and his skills are definately worthy of being one, but I honestly do think he will be but fingers crossed he might.

Thats interesting to think about Magellan being one of the new Admirals, he definately is deadly enough to be one what with his DF, but due to his..erm..constant diahorrea, do you think he will be able to be up for the job ? I mean imagine there was another big war he would spend half his time in the toilet haha but honestly though its a good possibilty DF and Strengths wise.
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