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Re: Tobi theory..

Originally Posted by xxMESTxx View Post


Kisame says Hi.

Because it reacted to his sharingan not his face.

Uh, no..we don't.

You should have stuck with your gut, it's nothing more than than the three tomoe design. As seen here:

Now notice, how incomplete the so called "seal" on the fan looks.

So what you're saying is because kakashi can port shit to other dimensions it means sasuke should be able to achieve time travel? Yeah..ok.
not to nit pick but using your own links this - is a sharingan and this is the curse seal mark both are complete.. but you do have a point in the image on the Gunbai being nothing more than a Sharingan image.. all anyone would have to do is examine the images curse seals if given a rotating property would rotate clockwise while the Sharingan would have a counter clockwise rotation

Originally Posted by Rasenganja View Post
Okay short and sweet.

So Madara had a substantial ammount of knowledge on the sage and his legacy what if on his deathbed Madara attempted to recreate himself but for one reason or another he could not complete the jutsu so he created a fragment of himself with "fragments of himself." if you will, im trying to say the person he created only possessed fragments of his power and memory but, still the same evil chakra and intentions like a virus downloaded to the world but it just didnt finish.

Hmm.. Break through,Bullshit or Bearable....
so when Madara was about to die he in his las gasp of energy jizzed on the ground and with Zetsu being the earht itself got all hot n bothered and sprouted a Mandrake that it later was fed milk blood and honey and became the homunculus Tobi that is here to protect the rel Madara.. but without him around Tobi began fulfilling his dying wishes..

Damn I started this as a poke fun kinda thing but damn this kinda makes sense. in a fucked up sort of way.
for those of you who don't understand.. I'm coming from an illogical perspective so your logic won't fit my argument .. it'll only give you a headache.. remember ..belief doesn't require a co-signer There Is A Fine Line Between Genius And Insanity , I Have Erased This Line ! If I were you I'd hate me too.. I am the HUMAN RASENGAN!!!

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