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Originally Posted by Amuro View Post
Who wins:

In a chess match: Shikamaru, Light (death note), dexter (dexters lab), kurama (yu yu hakusho) itachi, detective conan, toushirou (bleach) orochimaru

sword fight: Mifune (no chakra), kenshin (ruroni kenshin), wrath (fma brootherhood) sasuke 3 tomoe (no chakra. he cnt see energy, jus use the eyes tracking abilities) afro samurai (lol) killer bee. black star, or lupins goemon (normal sword)

rock, paper, scissors: kakashi, wrath (fma), sasuke, itachi, madara, goku

foot race: raikage, itachi, minato (chakra? idk, want it to b fair), heie (yu yu hakusho), killuah (hunter x hunter) Shihoin Yoruichi (bleach)

bbl with my answers..
Quote myself >_<!!

Ok took me a lil while but here we go:

  1. Kurama. I think hes been around too long. He old as hell so that give him a edge on shikamaru.
  2. Shikamaru
  3. Light.
Sword fight:
  1. killer bee Picked KB cause, well, he beat ms sasuke in a sword fight. Killed him a couple times. I think wrath and 3 tomoe sasuke are pretty even so that puts bee on top. I think wrath and sasuke can beat Kenshin =/
  2. wrath
  3. sasuke

Rock, Paper, Scissors:
  1. Madara lmao idk why I just think he would.
  2. Goku
  3. kakashi

Foot Race:
  1. Yourichi
  2. Killuah
  3. Heie
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