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Re: Maker3D - create your 3D RPG

BUILD 746:

-Terrain rendering is optimised (a total +20% performance)
-Some little intro thingie added
-Fixed the alpha-blending bug on shadowed models
-Script wait until exec was broken
-Added two new pine-tree models
-Added menu that allows copying models, scripts and terrain
-Some better interactive menu animations when moving mouse in the editor
-Fixed command: SHADOW_DIRECTION
-Fixed a minor flaw in the tga loader
-Fixed a potentional segmentation fault
-Fixed an issue with animations when a model had only 2 keyframe
-Font textures was not properly cached.
-Paking down/deleting was mistakenly ate the RAM
-Terrain texture painting now can be deleted with right click
-Character creator accidentally returned a debug string on the console
-Added a new overworld music
-Added a non-store testmap mode that keeps the whole map after testing
-Incrased max number of scripts per map from 80 to 180


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