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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by almightywood View Post
I'm all about debating. I love it, I do it all the time for the sake of learning and knowledge like a proper debate should be. I don't give attitude (before I get it) because it could throw people off, and make them not be able to tell me something I didn't know. I care way more about the knowledge than being right.
No, you're more concerned about being right and not being questioned. Or don't you remember that:
  • you made an argument from ignorance and refused to acknowledge it;
  • you said Albert Einstein was hospitalized in a loony bin due to the theory of relativity and wanted to divert blame off of yourself
  • you pulled the "fact" that English is the language that is evolves the most out of your ass, when I showed you my mother language changed more grammatically than English. Then you wanted me to show you something hardly quantifiable (the change of definitions over time) using exact, quantifiable terms ("300 years ago")
  • you even asked me to provide the proof in this thread when you're the one making the positive claim.
You're not fooling anyone.

Be reasonable and take things the way they are presented. I told you what I meant by it, you refusing to accept that is simply proof that you are unreasonable, not that I am backpedaling.
Originally Posted by almightywood View Post
I apologize that I misspoke, I meant discussions, not debates.
The way that I respond to Numinous is different than others. He refuses to even consider that he might be wrong on things, so there is not enough open-ness there to get a good back and forth session at all.
Being reasonable =/= being gullible. I read what you presented, thought about it and deemed that it makes little to no sense. That's being reasonable, to be in accordance to reason, not to be in accordance with you.

Now what you want me is to be tricked into agreeing with your faulty points for PC's sake, and that's being gullible.

Sorry, but I'm reasonable, not gullible, so you're wasting your time with these maneuvers.

Also, this video describes exactly how wrong you are about me not being open-minded.

The existence of this section asked for it.
Yes, and? Did an inanimate amount of data in an Internet server also said to you to make a conspiracy theory that has little meat in its bones?

To quote an egotistical know-it-all, there's such a thing as reading comprehension, you lack it.

This is listed under the section detailing the judicial branch, and separate from the regular legislative branch. This little excerpt is stand-alone.
In other words the executive branch has no say over this, and since it is listed as part of the judicial, it qualifies as that as well. ie. Exclusive control.
And you show how stupid you really are. Look at the Article you posted (IV) and you'll see it concerns the judicial AND LEGISLATIVE branches, as seen in the very first section of said article.

Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof.
See how the word "and" makes it clear that the judicial and legislative clauses are not to be confused?

And guess what branch section 3 of Article IV belongs to? Legislative branch, therefore the executive branch has a say in the matter, so the Congress does not have exclusive control over any federal territory whatsoever.

Now let me use the expression properly, there's a thing called reading comprehension, you lack it.

Now do me a favor and quit making arguments just to prove me wrong.
No. You're all about learning and shit and you don't allow yourself to be wrong? That's paradoxical.

If you actually admitted that's all you care about it would be one thing, but you claim it's all about logic and learning. IF this was true you would have no need for the attitude. The attitude puts the lie to this whole little line of shit you like to shove down people's throats.
Logic and learning are not linked to political correctness. I even despise PC sometimes because it allows such abominations as Scientology and Creationism when anyone with some sense of reason says "fuck that shit". So excuuuuuuuse me, princess, if I'm not as nice as you expect me to be, I only care about the arguments given and how (il)logical they are.

I like exploring new possibilities, I'm not so much for the elimination of them, the things that get eliminated have a tendency to resurface making this part a waste of time for me.
Please do tell what possibilities have you eliminated. Because geocentrism/heliocentrism, alchemy/chemistry, creationism/evolution and many other dichotomous possibilities are mutually exclusive and you can't regard both sides of the dichotomy as equally valid.

Here's what I think is the original though it's hard to say for sure after 15 years:
Reading the link, it only talks about how the articles affect the status of overseas dependencies (like Guam, Puerto Rico, among others) and the comparison with the proper states. Overseas dependencies do not have regulation of their own like any state, but the US Congress does not have exclusive control over them either.

Also, in all of this, you still haven't talked about how shorter abbreviations are a sign of a scam. Or is that so ridiculous that even you recognized it as such?

Has anyone else realized that a Portuguese graduate student is winning a debate that involves American constitution and law?

That's quite possibly the most worthwhile and hilarious part of this entire thread.
QFT. Perhaps it's a bias issue (like a great amount of atheists being more versed in the Bible than Christians themselves) or maybe almightywood is not that bright. Probably both.
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