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Re: 568 predictions/spoilers

Chapter 568: Naruto and Kyuubi

Kage vs. Madara scene.

Raikage: to withstand all our attacks, he really is a monster.

Madara standing with his right hand open.

Madara: You managed to destroy Susano'o. By you can't handle the abilities of my Rinnegan.

Tsunade: Pain's ability.
Mizukage: You know about that ability, Hokage-sama?
Tsunade: Yes. A wielder of Rinnegan attacked and managed to destroy Konoha with that ability few months ago before the Summit. But he is defeated by Naruto.
Mizukage: That kid is impressive.

Madara: So Nagato attacked Konoha. And... who is that Naruto?

Scene shifts to Suigetsu and Juugo.

Juugo: What's happening? Why is a bunch of shinobi gathered in this place?
Suigetsu: I want to ask you that first, and look at those white things. They look familiar.
Juugo: That plant guy from Akatsuki!
Suigetsu (rushing in): Right! And this is what I want!
Juugo: Don't be hasty! Wait!!

Scene changes to Naruto in Yonbi's mouth.

Naruto: Arrgh!! Kyuubi can't you do something?!
Kyuubi: I'm already giving you a portion of my chakra. What more do you want?!
Naruto: Seriously, the breath of this monster is stinky can you please help me get out of here?
Kyuubi: I'm already doing my part, it is time for you to do your own.
Naruto: Crap!

Tobi rushes to Naruto.

Kakashi: Shit! Naruto is in danger!
Gai: I'll take care of Naruto! You must handle this beast because you have stronger long range attacks than me!

Scene changes to Tobi and Naruto.

Tobi: How pitiful you look, Kyuubi kid. It seems that I can capture you much easier with this.
Tobi (holding Naruto's arms and preparing to suck him): It's the end.
Naruto suddenly disappears.
Tobi and Gai looks shocked.

Tobi: T-this is the second time that someone escaped my technique! You..
Tobi looking in a Naruto with his back facing at him. With the image of Fourth Hokage facing at Tobi.
Tobi: The Fourth Hokage...

A flash of lightning approaches Tobi.

Kakashi: Raikiri!
Tobi dodges but is still hit at the left arm.

Tobi: You truly live to my expectations, Hatake Kakashi.
Tobi grabs Kakashi's arm which dispels Raikiri. While holding, Tobi electrocutes Kakashi.
Kakashi: Gwaaaah!!! Lightning?!
Tobi let go of Kakashi and Kakashi falls to the ground.
Gai kicks Tobi but is blocked by Tobi's left arm.
Tobi: A fairly strong kick. Good enough.
Gai: Impossible! Such strength!
Kakashi: He's really a big deal.

The Rokubi spits out poison which partially hits Kakashi and Gai.
Kakashi: This is bad!!

The Yonbi is about to spit lava but is hit by Naruto's Rasenshuriken.
Naruto: yaaaah!!!!
One of Yonbi's arm is completely obliterated by Rasenshuriken.
Naruto: Now for the other one!

Kakashi: My body is starting to become numb.
Gai: Not only that. The liquid it spits is corrosive.

Tobi: Seems like I'm in an advantage from you Kakashi and Gai. But I won't be too careless this time. Sorry if I will be a little more rude this time.
Kakashi: Don't you mean...
Tobi: Yes..

Nibi, Sanbi, and Nanabi finally transforms to beast mode.

Kakashi and Gai looking in despair.

End of chapter.

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