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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Oh, I totally get this. It happens all the time in math. When I was like four, I was sitting around and came across this on a page:

1 + 1 =

I was like, "holy poop, what does that equal?!" and a door of endless possibility was open to me. I literally spent days going "1 + 1 = banana" and "1 + 1 = the square root of the hypotenuse" or "1 + 1 = why women can't drive". It was awesome. A plaything in my hands which made me feel godlike.

Then, my loser father came along and taught me "1 + 1 = 2" and from there on in, my knowledge was completely limited what with only one option for the answer to "1 + 1 =". I was SO much stupider after that day.

I mean, who cares about knowing truth and reality when you could KNOW. SO. MUCH. MORE.
There's a difference between the revelation of the truth and the elimination of a possibility. One is conducive to level of knowledge, the other is detrimental to it. In other words this example doesn't illustrate my point in the slightest.
who is this douche?

Oh, and I'm just going to post this again, because I don't think those it was directed at got it:
If that was directed at me, I don't see why.
I never made any claims about this, though I did provide links about this theory of someone else's that I graciously introduced you to, and never once claimed to subscribe to.

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