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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
He even thanked this post. I don't even... we may need a sarcasm font.
Eh, it was funny.

This only makes sense if your hypothetical cavemen are morons who decide to leave it at that. Of course, they wouldn't because with the creation of fire through friction they would have noticed that A) fire hot and B) friction make hot. Otherwise, why the fuck would they turn to friction to make fire in the first place?! Oh wait, because fire hot and friction make hot.
This is applying logic that you understand to people that may not. Logic is by no means universal since anyone can come up with a logical explanation of how something has occurred that may not be the case in fact. You are saying I should take random people's deductions with the authority of stephen hawking simply because they have an apt turn of phrase. I say everyone's a caveman. I believe they are right in believing what they do based on what they know. I don't believe that they know everything there is to know on the subject, so their deductions are suspect.

try again (Oh, and you see how this works? By pointing out how you are wrong, you LEARN what went wrong with your reasoning so you can improve it. There you go - knowledge and learning from "eliminating possibilities". You're welcome.)
There's no trying involved. It's a statement of my viewpoint so is a certainty. Elimination is subtraction. The sum total can never increase with a removal.

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