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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Had hoped this shit would have died by now. But, since it's here. I shall rant.

PETA being an animal rights group is hilarious (this being the same organization that compared poultry farming to the holocaust.. The fuck, right?) They make their points by attention getting media stunts. When the game came out and everyone did the spread it around for the lets play and rag on it. All they did was do PETA's job for them. They knew the game was ridiculousness of the highest caliber and that Mario's wearing a animal suit in no way advocated tanooki slaughtering. But Mario being the most recognizable game icon ever. It served the purpose. They wanted attention. Because attention means charitable donations.

Coincidentally the founder of PETA made a career out of animal killing. Not only that, she was pretty much the best at. In fact, as on organization they believe pet ownership is morally objectionable. That all domesticated breeds should never have even existed, and that they should be relinquished (not set free) and put down. Once having PETA employees prosecuted for dumping hordes of dead dog carcasses in other peoples dumpsters. Perhaps the surreptitious measures someone might take if they had something to hide. That same year PETA's own stats showed them having a 90% euthanasia rate of animals left in their care.

They have some balls to be upset at a cartoon plumber wearing an animal custom. PETA does nothing but hurt the cause they claim to champion, drawing funds away from groups who actually seek to help animals.

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