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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by almightywood View Post
There's no trying involved. It's a statement of my viewpoint so is a certainty. Elimination is subtraction. The sum total can never increase with a removal.
Take a lump some of miscellaneous information. Subtract all the falsehood from it. That gives you just the facts. Removing what is false and reducing the total information, leaves you with a net gain in what is understood to be true. +1 knowledge.

Don't know if you missed completely or purposefully ignored Act's point. Using your cognitive faculties to research the finer points of an issues before arising at an conclusion. Awesome. But, when new information renders a previous position invalid. It's reasonable to change your viewpoint. You seem completely unwilling to even entertain the idea that you might be wrong, because you are to busy believing in the things you're saying. Appose to applying proper thought to them.

I'm wrong about things all the fucking time dude. The trick is to learn from it. Use that lesson to better your understanding of said things. Which is what these guys have been telling you.

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