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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
I think everyone here can attest to the fact that I really age a bit more. I'm such a whipper-snapper.

That issue aside, the "I'm older than you so your opinion is less than mine because you don't understand how the world works"? Really? You are trying to have an "enlightening conversation" and you pull that? For fuck sake, though I generally hold the "youth is stupid" argument, I surely do not dismiss it. You give bad name to the aged here. I'm glad I'm not as stupid as you.
Whatever, I said you aren't old enough to have learned the full truth of the statement if you haven't subscribed to it, not that I am older than you.
When are we old enough to become wise? What is this set age you seem to think I think exists?

I never said anyone's opinion is less than mine either. Any other statements I didn't make that you want to put in my mouth?

So you admit you are stupid? Wow, that's stupid. I admit to lapses in judgment, being wrong and having gaps in my knowledge, but I surely don't admit to being stupid. Because I apply brain regularly. It is a good practice. You're psuedo-humble bullshit about believing you are an idiot but also smart is the height of arrogance. You're the politicians who go around pretending to be just like everybody else. It demeans anyone who is actually intelligent to have intelligent people acting like morons. If you are smart, own up - but your best efforts at intellectual conversation have been circular metaphysical crap, it has been a shit shifting expedition to even come up with rebuttals.

But here is the real kicker mr. "I am stupid." Why did you even write this?
What you call a shit shifting expedition, I would call removing all the truth from my statements. If you don't agree with the philosophy, that's on you. If you choose to disrespect it, well that's not my fault. Doesn't mean I'll give you a pass for overstepping the bounds of right and wrong in the "name of logic" as you all seem to think you are doing.

What you happen to be in your life means nothing in the internet. You could be queen elizabeth and we aren't convinced. Glad you scored so well on so many tests - your arguments don't back up any intelligent claim of being close to the 150 IQ (which is also bullshit because it is a measure of mental capacity that is best correlated to young children rather than adults).
I don't have to back up the truth, it is to be believed or not. Your intelligence quotient is a measure of your intelligence compared to others of your age, it's a sliding scale, so is not only applicable to children.

I also like how you come out at me for providing links - I've provided none. And if I were, I'd pick pretty reliable resources or at least qualify why I used something like wikipedia. Ask around, I'm a pretty intelligent dude who doesn't go about offering shit advice/opinions or information. Everything in this thread has been from my own brain, pure and simple. I don't know how you could reach a different argument.
I was using this to state my viewpoint as opposed to saying anything about you. Not that I should have had to clarify for you since you obviously have plenty to say to me either way.

That's what I do; clarify something stupid people say with an example that demonstrates the idiocy behind it. That was why I said, "basically this boils down to..." indicating that I was about to put your convoluted words into a simple one-to-one related situation. Just happens, the situation was a joke in a movie about stupid people. Didn't have to work out like that, but it did.

What does that say about you?
If you choose to make some random statement based on a mistaken interpretation of my words, I would say that says nothing about me.
Next time you want clarification, why don't you ask instead of fowling it all up?

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
So this little self-contradicting rule of yours that you're using to say we're unwise and whatnot, is that your opinion or an absolute truth?

If it's just your opinion then fuck off. By your own warped logic, you can't use your opinions to contest anything we say.

If it's an absolute truth then how come you can state absolute truths and thereby eliminate all other possibilities and whatnot, but when we do it you call us unwise and shit? Also, if it's an absolute truth then you're obviously not just stating your opinion like you're claiming to do now.

Oh, and I couldn't care less is you admit to your hypocrisy or not. I've already clearly demonstrated it. If you're too much of a pussy to admit it then no skin off my back.

All this is my opinion, like everything I posted in this thread. Which you cannot challenge, because that would mean you're making a statement of absolute unyielding truth. Which makes someone a fool according to your rule with the exception of it being absolute unyielding truth.

Stupid, I know. But I sure as hell didn't make these rules.
I already explained how it wasn't self-contradicting it was just a misinterpretation of yours.

Absolute truth is part of it, other parts are opinions, and you actually did agree do the validity of the absolute truth part already.

I can not challenge an opinion but once you purposefully set yours against mine (something I have never done to anyone here, hence why it is different) it becomes you claiming it to be an absolute truth, as opposed to an opinion, which can be proven wrong, unlike an opinion.

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