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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by almightywood View Post
I bid good day to you sir, I am done talking to you.
Promise? (Don't you love the holier than thou argument ends?)

Oh whatever, by virtue of the very nature of my philosophy (or any other set of rules) I can completely tear apart anything that purposefully attempts to do the same to my beliefs (or me) and not be wrong.

It's pretty much the same thing as self defense clauses in the law.
That's, oh so hypocritical.

I can't even begin to fathom how you possibly think you couldn't be in the wrong to begin with when you go to tell someone their beliefs are wrong.
When did I state I didn't think I couldn't be in the wrong? Now who's putting arguments in other's mouths? What I state is I believe I'm correct. I can always be wrong (I think I stated that, too.)

How many people have died over religion in this world, and you try and act like there is nothing at all taboo about beliefs.
Again, when did I begin believing this? I think there is a lot of danger and wrongness about beliefs. That's why I work to refute them (religion particularly) rather than just say "I can't refute anything because of the possibility it is correct."

Hey... I've heard that argument from someone. Who was it? Oh yeah, you.

Your stunning lack of respect has had me judge you to be lacking in character as well of lack of substance for refusing to address my actual points on my philosophy and instead resorting to this foolish trickery.
I'll admit to using some stronger than normal language, but that was rather deliberate to try and get any sort of firm stance out of you, because you struck me as one of those pacifist arguers who would let anything bounce off of you and not respond directly to challenges. Overall, I think you've proven that. I have repeatedly attacked your "philosophy" and you've repeated rebuffed it without any true response. The closest thing I've gotten to a true discussion with you is your "you're young, once you've lived long enough you'll agree with me."

Guess what - I won't. The "subtraction of knowledge is bad" mantra you so half-heartedly defended earlier is a total antithesis to the life I work at in efforts to actually add knowledge to the world. What we remove as false is actual knowledge in that we know what is not going on. It is just as useful and true as knowing what is going on. Knowledge is gained for any aspect of experiment, even if it removes possibilities.

As for respect, that is earned. You haven't done anything to earn my respect but cling to unoriginal circular arguments and you can't help but contradict yourself while you tell me that you dislike proving anything wrong. That is enough to not care how roughly I deal with you. But don't worry, my character and substance is just fine.

And since this individual is done talking with me, does anyone, anyone at all, want to chime in on whether or not what I say has any substance? Even a shred of truth?
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