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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
And all of academia says you're wrong. Oh shit, that means everything ever is wrong, doesn't it? Oh well, guess I'd better get to worshiping the possible sun god on the off chance he exists and may decide not to come back tomorrow because I don't acknowledge him, even though all evidence suggests the sun itself has absolutely nothing to do with its own "rising" and "setting" it would be pretty foolish to risk dying on a cold dark planet because I reasonably assumed that there was no such thing as a sun god.

I defy you to find somewhere in academia where it says that a man can freely attack another person's beliefs.

Everything that makes up the mental part of a person can be relegated down to what they believe. Who someone is, and what they believe are one and the same.
If you attack someone's beliefs, you are attacking the person. There is nothing in philosophy, psychiatry, or theology that says differently. Since they are the only branches of academia that deal with what makes up the mental part of a man, you are just pulling shit out of your ass.

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