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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Like Mal said, logic isn't some 'random trick.' I'm not making shit up here or 'playing some game.' I could link you to tons of websites that explain the principle of the burden of proof to you, no problem. All it would take is me going to google and typing in "burden of proof." Because, again, the rest of us aren't making shit up.

If you aren't either, then you could easily do the same. If you can't provide proof for your claim then there is no logical reason to take it seriously or abide by your made up rules. That's how logic actually works. Which I'm sure you're well aware of since you're a 34 year old genius possessing great maturity and wisdom.

So man up. Anyone with conviction and integrity would gladly show that he isn't all talk and no substance. Back up what you've said with some actual proof, or at least have the balls to own up and admit you can't. Don't pretend it's a matter of choice on your end like some coward. It's plain as day obvious to everyone that you couldn't prove this shit regardless of whether you wanted to or not.
Since when was logic ever required as a matter of faith?
Faith is belief in something despite no evidence to prove it is so.
To say that I must produce logical proof of my beliefs in order to practice them is very close to religious persecution (other than the fact that there's no deity involved, it is exactly the same)

Explain how the fuck I have to justify my beliefs to you in order for them to be valid?

Note that I never actually was trying to do this impossible task, I was merely enlightening you to them SINCE YOU ASKED FOR THEM.

Why don't you man the fuck up and say that you have just been fucking with me the whole time for shits and giggles, rather than claiming you were trying to disprove something I told you was impossible to disprove from the getgo?

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