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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Yeah, yeah. Post the link. No. You clearly said that counter-arguments are attacks. And attacks against your personal life philosophy are ad hominens. You have to prove exactly that. I won't hold my breathe.
You are putting words in my mouth with bullshit logic. My saying that all counter-arguments are attacks doesn't in any way constitute all attacks being counter-arguments. I said 'attacks' ("attacks against my philosophy, are attacks against my character"), I will not use 'counter-arguments' to provide proof of something I never once claimed. Quit being a jackass and trying to switch my words around if you want me to back them up.

Your opinions are purely subjective and have no objective value. If you have an 'absolute truth' that demonstrates logic can be used to justify anything (Illogical statements fall under the classification of anything, so don't see how that's possible...), then post that. But I think you're better off proving your other things first.
I need demonstrate nothing. This has never been an argument of logic, it has always been about ethics.

Post link to Laws of Respect and demonstrate how they're objective moral truths that I have to abide by. Asking me to disprove your claims is an appeal to ignorance fallacy. Here is a link that explains it: Link.

Edit: Oh, and pretty sure religious persecution involves a tad bit more than just criticism. And kinda deals more with, you know, religion. So not really applicable here.
The only difference in between what we are discussing here and religion is the existence of a deity. This is the philosophy I base my life around, it is spirituality, it is a religion without a god.
12 step programs, and the law would recognize it as such.

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