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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

AW - That's fine if you want to have a disucssion; the rest of us are having a debate. You just brought a knife to a gun fight. Enjoy!

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
By Odin's beard, I just realized that this originally started because this guy was all like "I never eliminate any possibilities because I'm super mature and wise like that." And all he's been doing this entire time is bastardizing every logical concept tossed his way in order to construct a massive web of bullshit because he's only willing to actually entertain a single possibility: That his stance is the single unassailable and correct truth. His current thing is any argument against his shit is illogical by virtue of it being a counter-argument against his shit. This is crazy.

I highly doubt anyone can fake this level of dumb. He makes the shit HR posts look like Steven Hawking lectures.
This is pretty much what I've been saying, but it was well put.

This fellow doesn't want to rule out possibilities because he considers it subtraction of knowledge. To rule out possibilities, you have to accept counter-arguments. Since his personal philosophy is actually fused into his person, to accept a counter argument, thus rule out a possibility, must be like cutting off a finger or something. It is literal subtraction. Faced with this immutability of position, the good 34 year old genius has made the only choice open to him: reject that his personal philosophy can be open to debate.

He's pretty much the pope, infalible in his own mind. He'll take any argument and debate and twist it so he doesn't have to self-immolate any philosophy to tied into his being. Such an acceptance that his views/beliefs/faiths were open to discussion, debate and, yes, even refution, would be an utter disaster which would displace his mental rock and spiral him into chaos.

How dare any of us even think that such an outcome would be in our best interest.

Oh, and his whole bullshit on this, remember, he called me flawed for not living long enough and then passed judgments on my demeanour, language and arguments against him as evidence that I was not mature, open-minded and goodness knows what else. He has judged me based on my actions which could be determined as my self-philosophy. Which means his philosophy is above reproach, but mine is shit. And, children, what do we call that?
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