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Re: Toriko 170

Quite enjoyed the chapter, the best part was the end though I was a bit disappointed I wanted to see Toriko after eating his share of the Meteor Garlic !

Livebearer no matter what will always freak me out, its the way he is drawing to be honest just seems so freaking scary. But it was good to see that he turned a new leaf and gave Match and the other Yakuza the casino. Who wants to bet that Komatsu needed new pants after Livebearer grabbed his arm ?

I dont know how the story will go now, I do hope that the next one will go back to the Old Guy ( the one who raised Toriko and Coco and the other two really bad with his name ) as he was about to meet the main villian boss of the series. But I do think this guy Coco wants to meet sounds cool, could definately see Komatsu getting a 'level up' or something, perhaps some training to use his awesome kitchen knife. As he did state he wanted to be able to defend himself when he was trapped alone in the sand like maze away from Zebra and Toriko.
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