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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
It's not like your average dude has to label himself as one or the other though. I can't fathom why anyone would want to associate himself with the republican party now instead of just calling himself an independent or some shit when asked.
I guess so, because none should care about the Republican crazies labeling the independents as failed hipsters. They'll label everything that isn't them, so why even bother with what they say about one's political tendencies?

Although a multiparty system is still a must for the US for better politics.

Note that I know multiple people who do tell me they're republicans. And I never try to initiate any conversations about politics with anyone offline, ever. These people actually just volunteer to share this information with me. Crazy.
Kind of like the witnesses of Jehovah, right? The ideological correlation is uncanny.

I'm actually surprised by the amount of people that I personally have encountered that are actually against gays and universal healthcare or are hardcore anti-abortion. How are these people able to express this shit without being treated like how we treat fucking racists and shit? I guess being against UHC is more stupid than racist level horrible. But still. Goddamn.
I think the fact the US is being administered by people born and raised in the first part of the Cold War (1947-1969), when the commie scare in the US was taken to ridiculous extremes has definitely something to do with the generalized bigotry. That's the only logical way anybody is opposed to UHC, because it must reek of communism for some people when in truth is democracy. The homophobic and anti-abortion comments are a sign of them having to smack the Bible enough times to be immune to the atheist commie virus (which is ridiculous since communism is not atheist, it is just anti-religious because religion pretty much screws up the "all power in the government" style of politics).

Another thing that I notice in some Americans is the neo-fascist comments treating fascism like it was a good thing. Every US citizen should be thankful for the fact their county was never a fascist one. Because misogynistic/racist/homophobic/religiously bigoted laws are already incredibly awful by themselves, but they affect minorities, while fascism affects everyone. These neo-fascist morons must think "hey, not being able to talk badly about our regime and theocracy, nothing can be better!" without realizing all the consequences.

The average citizen would be paranoid about everything because they'd be scare shitless of the government, no group bigger than an handful could form or else the political police could arrest everybody on the excuse of "forming a riot", neighbors snitching on each other to have some kind of favor from the government, enforced curfews for everybody, censorship EVERYWHERE, to the point much of the US literary panoply would be shredded for "defying the government and the good will of the nation", having to suck the government's cock at every ceremony or special occasion or else you'd rot in political prison, frontiers completely blocked to avoid mass exodus (which would be even worse in the US because of autonomous states) and having to vote for the son of a bitch in power because he's the only available options, since every other candidate would have his/her head in the guillotine. And even the few people who actually would like that would be ravaged beyond oblivion the moment fascism would (inevitably) fall and every dirt would be exposed.

And I think I ranted enough about it...
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