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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
I'm actually surprised by the amount of people that I personally have encountered that are actually against gays and universal healthcare or are hardcore anti-abortion. How are these people able to express this shit without being treated like how we treat fucking racists and shit? I guess being against UHC is more stupid than racist level horrible. But still. Goddamn.
This. All of my why/hate. I live in a very conservative suburb that's overrun with Mormons and various Evangelical/batshit Christians who are disgusted with the mere thought of attending the same community college with gays. It's a shame, too, because these people are usually cool to hang with and talk to, but then I make a harmless joke about the Bible (like some random crap about smiting me for not doing my homework) or say that I think gays have just as many rights as the rest of us and suddenly they look at me like I just sacrificed a baby to Satan and then drank the blood. It's fucking crazy, man.
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