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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by LonelyNinja View Post
This. All of my why/hate. I live in a very conservative suburb that's overrun with Mormons and various Evangelical/batshit Christians who are disgusted with the mere thought of attending the same community college with gays. It's a shame, too, because these people are usually cool to hang with and talk to, but then I make a harmless joke about the Bible (like some random crap about smiting me for not doing my homework) or say that I think gays have just as many rights as the rest of us and suddenly they look at me like I just sacrificed a baby to Satan and then drank the blood. It's fucking crazy, man.
Word. I was just talking about this shit today with my bro because this lady came in who is actually really nice to us, but always somehow ends up ranting about how much she hates gays in the military (Her son is in the army), how much she hates muslims (Even though she's a dedicated Christian), or how much she hates Obama. Every single time we see her. But we don't say anything because she's nice to us. We just like nod while she rants, and then try to change the subject or some shit.

But after she left my bro is like "Wow, what the fuck. Still, I guess she's a pretty nice person." And I was like "Yeah, but I dunno. If you think about it it's kind of hard to be a nice person AND a hateful ignorant bigot. That's kind of like saying a child rapist is a nice person because he's nice to his friends. Besides, if she knew we didn't hate gays and shit she probably wouldn't like us very much." And my bro is all "Touche. Let's get some chicken ranch BLTs without the L and the T part." Because chicken and bacon sandwiches are awesome.

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Good lord - even when he tries to agree, he sounds like a moron. Chocolate slide? SERIOUSLY?
Was going to post nearly the same thing after reading that post of his. Haha.

The idea that relationships between people must be decried by a god is the issue and that is the long and the short of it. They believe it is unnatural and unholy as god says it is. Which is completely crock, but hey, used it well to win George W. that number 2 term.

And as for the people who identify themselves with republicanism, it is a pick 'ems style of politics. They don't even begin to look at the long or board scope of the party's politics but focus on a few select issues that are polarizing. Those are either for or against and when it comes down to it, the mind ignores the economic problems, rape of nature and stalled policies when it comes to military, equality of sex and religion, etc to keep god in government, abortions illegal, homosexuality marginalized or invisible and the government "small".

If they knew what the Republicans were actually doing (simply put, bankrupting the nation in a way that no amount of Obama hope could fix - though he's made it worse), they might think twice about it. But of course, Democrats are not much better.
Yeah. After reading about how other modern, non-shithole countries do some shit, and listening to so many fucking retards around me parrot shit I assume they must have heard on Fox News, I pretty much will only vote to throw an extra tally against the craziest of the crazies.

Not to sound like a weeboo, but I really should figure out how to move to Japan so I can do lots of manly judo and get awesome healthcare. And I think there are like 200 million single japanese virgin chicks there. Only thing that sucks is that they have those really massive hornets. HOLY SHIT!

Dear fucking Thor! I hate fucking bees. These monsters slaughter them in the thousands like nothing, which would be awesome except for the fact that they're basically just giant super bees. They kill more japanese dudes every year than bears and snakes combined. And they shoot acid in your eyes or some shit too according to some cracked article. I would carry a tennis racket everywhere if I ever go there.
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