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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
.....I can't honestly imagine that the whole fuck gays thing has much to do with financial shit.
See, I cannot imagine anything other then some monetary motivation. I run this shit through my head one if not a hundred times, and that is the only explanation that makes and sense. Still totally disagree with it on every level, but it at least makes sense to me. What else could it possibly be? Not from the perspective of the middle american bigots. But higher than that, what is the motivation. I cannot fathom any other advantage to it. Even pointing at lower tier political entities. Like, you cannot be an a informed global citizen, a social fucking being, without regular daily perhaps meaningful and necessary contact with the homosexual community. Unless they live in a cave eyes closed with their fingers in their ears... Just doesn't seem possible. It's 2012 and Dem'Gays are everywhere. With the noticeable lack of effort to stifle the gay community in any other respect other than serving in the military (which is another extreme level of retardation). Gays can get educated, own businesses, adopt children and have a semblance of the family unit otherwise. So from the top above the bigotry looking down I just... I don't know. Maybe its a fallacy on my part to attribute some basic level of sensibility to people who may very likely have none. But no other explanation even makes sense.

Mostly because regular old heterosexual marriages would be equally as bad, so you'd think the powers against the gays would want to do more to discourage everyone from getting married. Or at least figure out some way to dick people over or make money from that shit. Especially since there are way more heterosexuals than homosexuals and whatnot. I'm sure they could easily jam some hardcore bullshit taxes on married couples without kids or whatever into some bill so long as they call it something like the Ultra Freedom Apple Pie Bill and it would roll right through congress in a matter of days.....
All of that. Pretty much exists today, right now. Before going into specifics, generally speaking, marriage seems doomed to fail in many cases. In my state for instance, you can decide to get married in the morning, be married by noon, and be divorced before dinner. Despite the fact that it is incredibly easy to get married and indeed because of that fact, the situation could foster a broken marriage. Being with someone day in and day out, living together for say.. six months straight. Is a completely different beast then just dating, going out every evening, spending the night over for a couple days to a week at a time. It is very difficult to notice the nuance's of any given individual with out an extended period of time spent together. I see it all the time. People get married way to fast, they think they are in love after 3 months, or one of them gets pregers (hopefully the woman) and society says they have to get hitched. These are the marriages doomed to fail. With a divorce rate in this country of over 50% (this percentage goes up about 15% per additional marriage, 2nd marriage 65% ect).... Fail they do.

For a specific example, we need not for further than our tax code. There are significant marriage penalties that work against lower-income couples. Admittedly most of the penalties depend on a wide array of variables. But, still there do exist financial disincentives. Many the programs that poorer families tend to require are the very things that hurt them in theses cases. The earned income tax credit, Food Stamps, Temp Assistance to Needy families, Medicaid and the State administered child health insurance programs. You know. Programs that are very likely necessarily for an underprivileged home survive. Are the very things that end up costing someone money probably a significant amount I'd imagine if you are already poor. It is only recently (last 10 years or so) that I have noticed any appreciable changes in the tax code, that attempt to rework these flaws to the system. As it pertains to marriage at least. Even still, its a slow and arduous process.
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