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Re: Games and all things related

I'd say PC for sure. Higher graphic quality to start, but the big sell is the modding capabilities. The inventory management mod is fucking light years better then that obtrusive stock version.

Originally Posted by Trey View Post
Sounds expensive. I have no idea of Skyrim's requirements, or your monitor resolution, but when you say all that my brain thinks "+1000 dollar rig".

When I said PC of today, I was thinking of something more affordable to the masses. I know budget rigs are more expensive than consoles will ever be, but it's where the "average gamer" is, and whom devs target. So those PCs will be what next gen consoles will be comparable to, but top flight 2500+ behemoths that can play Crysis on high with 60 fps on two 1080p monitors while Firefox and iTunes run in the background with music playing, without breaking a sweat, do exist today. But those are more like PCs of the future's future.
You can easily build rig that'll surpass a console if you shop smart. I can hit right now and mock up relatively competitive computer for under the launch price of a PS3.

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