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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
I'm going to go with Mal successfully getting the guy to argue in a complete circle. Have to think it was one of the easiest rhetoric conversations Mal's ever had. Give him enough rope...
Any all encompassing philosophy is circular, how else could it encompass anything? That is just proof that it works, not that it is feeble.

Axiom - yeah, glad you stuck around, honestly. Just call it our personal philosophy that if you cannot back up what you believe, the only true recourse is to submit in the debate. Simple rules - you cannot argue a position you have no support for and if you best brain acrobatics do not convince without facts, you should concede.
I was never arguing shit, you all were. Just because not one of you gaggle of trolls has the brains to tell the difference between an opinion and a statement of fact, doesn't mean that your view of an intellectual DISCUSSION isn't completely twisted. There is no room for debate or argument about any opinion, unless you are imposing your opinion over others. Something I have never done, and you should probably look into this practice as well.

Believe me, there probably isn't one person here who hasn't lost one of these. I'm pretty certain Miburo and Mal have done one over me and I know I've had my shit wrecked two or three times by Vanity - those are awesome, she really goes for the throat in like one paragraph. It's hot. So, whatever. I didn't quit because I can take a loss and admit to being wrong.
Funny thing, I couldn't lose to begin with. We were discussing my beliefs which means I could never be wrong when I tell you what I believe: no matter what I believe that.

I fully enjoy this forum for that. Yeah, it's a bit cutthroat and maybe unkind in that way, but so much good can come from having everything challenged agressively - either abandon a faulty premise or push yourself to gain knowledge to support it. That's the definition of the search for knowledge and truth. Shame that AW couldn't realize that we were truly helping him.
You were not helping me in the slightest, the only people you were helping all along was yourselves. If you WERE helping me, you would have deigned to have a discussion with me about what my beliefs entail, not tried to tell me that my beliefs are wrong - this is the opposite of help, no matter who it is directed at. I have had more than my share of debates, and have usually won them. I stopped having debates a while ago in favor of discussions since there is no winner, and I'd rather learn more than "be right".

Once you think it's possible that there is a winner in a conversation you or someone else is having with me, you better go reread some shit, because there is no such thing.

In other words I didn't stop posting here because you all "beat me". I stopped posting here because I deemed you all sufficiently un-open-minded as to not be worth having discussions with.

Go ahead and respond again if you want, but I won't be checking up on it.

Oh and Mest, the only way these forums would be less stupid is if you left. You seem to think that being antagonistic is clever. (When it is really much closer to the opposite of that) Because of this, you are actually less intelligent than Kael (something I didn't think possible), I think he actually understands there is a difference between the two, and occasionally manages a comment that falls into the latter category, whereas I have only seen the former from you.

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