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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by almightywood View Post
Any all encompassing philosophy is circular, how else could it encompass anything?
Bullshit. Disregarding the fact that claiming to have a philosophy that encompasses all is ridiculous by itself, any philosophy worth its salt isn't circular. Philosophies branch and have some branches that intersect, but don't form any circularity (for example, both Law of Minimal Effort and Occam's Razor appeal to simplicity and complement each other, but they do not form circular reasoning).

That is just proof that it works, not that it is feeble.
Bullshit. Any circular reasoning is feeble by nature, because they're the logical equivalent of what perpetual motion is to physics: a paradox.

Like you can't create new energy and every process has an associated loss of energy, therefore dooming perpetual motion to eventually stop, you can't add/substitute arguments in the reasoning for better ones in fear of losing the circularity and you'll always have the chance of having one or more weak/fallacious arguments, so in the end you'll have something that stops making sense even if it was designed to always be right.

I was never arguing shit, you all were.
Bullshit. Stop using the colloquial term when everybody else is using the academic one. You're not a lil' special snow flake to use a different meaning to justify your pussiness.

Just because not one of you gaggle of trolls has the brains to tell the difference between an opinion and a statement of fact, doesn't mean that your view of an intellectual DISCUSSION isn't completely twisted.
Bullshit. You're the one with a twisted view of intellectual discussions. Being politically correct is completely OPTIONAL when it comes to discussions/debates, discussions are all about fact(oid)s and backing them up/refuting them. It does not matter if you don't like the responses you get, as long as they're valid they're fair play.

For the beginning of this thread, you presented factoids and we refuted them, then you (poorly) backed them up and we refuted them further. That's how discussions work, positive statements are matched against negative to determine which side of the statement is the most valid, so we can learn from such statements and evolve our knowledge.

There is no room for debate or argument about any opinion, unless you are imposing your opinion over others. Something I have never done, and you should probably look into this practice as well.

Funny thing, I couldn't lose to begin with. We were discussing my beliefs which means I could never be wrong when I tell you what I believe: no matter what I believe that.
Bullshit. Beliefs can be wrong: many people believed that the Earth was flat and it was the center of the universe. Many others believed in spontaneous generations and that diseases were caused by demons, among others. But logic/science allowed humanity to deem such beliefs as wrong and to move on in search of the truth. If we don't challenge our beliefs to see how weak/strong they are, we cannot grow as human beings.

You were not helping me in the slightest, the only people you were helping all along was yourselves.
Bullshit. If you deny yourself the chance of admitting your mistakes, someone has to say why you should do so. One of the best learning tools humanity has is learning by erring, because it grants the knowledge of how things do not work and by proxy increasing the knowledge of what actually works without resorting to the same/further mistakes.

If you WERE helping me, you would have deigned to have a discussion with me about what my beliefs entail, not tried to tell me that my beliefs are wrong - this is the opposite of help, no matter who it is directed at.
Bullshit. Did your teachers help you through your education by giving relief to your beliefs or by improving them, changing them for the better? The latter, wasn't it? Exact same deal here, we're not here to pat you on the back and say your beliefs are completely reasonable, because they're not. They're hipster rubbish designed to make you invincible in your arguments by delusions and dilutions of proper rationality.

You need to realize by yourself how much of an ass you're sounding right now, we're just helping you to such epiphany by the roughest road. Think about it for a second: if you manage to survive and even learn from the coldest of logic, you can survive against any kind of logic or you know, actually win debates, unlike what you say next...

I have had more than my share of debates, and have usually won them.
Bullshit. With your kind of argumentation, you actually winning debates is highly contrived, it's much more probable you just kept denying your opponents any chance to win over you. You just jinxed on this forum because people here already know how to curbstomp such argumentation.

I stopped having debates a while ago in favor of discussions since there is no winner, and I'd rather learn more than "be right".

Once you think it's possible that there is a winner in a conversation you or someone else is having with me, you better go reread some shit, because there is no such thing.
Bullshit. Ties in worthwhile debates are scarce because the chances of both sides of the dichotomy of a statement being equally valid are very slim. There's always a side of it that is more valid than the other, because that's how reality works. So, in debates, the most valid side wins, simple as that. Saying that nobody wins is exactly the kind of pussy PC I despise, because that's denying both sides their earned rights (of being right or wrong).

If you want to comfort the losers, say that they should learn from their defeat and/or that they should learn from who won. You know, actually growing a pair instead of indoctrinating their wrongness as valid.

Also, you want to learn more than "being right"? Your whole shtick is making sure you're always right at all times, stop trying to fool people when you clearly can't.

In other words I didn't stop posting here because you all "beat me". I stopped posting here because I deemed you all sufficiently un-open-minded as to not be worth having discussions with.
Bullshit. Or is it irony for the closed-minded retort? Or perhaps hypocrisy, since you said you wouldn't come back and you came anyway? Most probably all of them.

Go ahead and respond again if you want, but I won't be checking up on it.
Bullshit. You said that before and didn't fulfill it, what guarantees are you giving us that the same won't happen again?

Oh and Mest, the only way these forums would be less stupid is if you left.
Bullshit. AMA already indicated why.
You seem to think that being antagonistic is clever. (When it is really much closer to the opposite of that)
Bullshit. Being antagonistic is independent of cleverness, but to make the assertion you just made, now that is indeed closer to the opposite of cleverness.

Because of this, you are actually less intelligent than Kael (something I didn't think possible)
Bullshit. You'd give up both gonads to be as intelligent as Kael if you actually cared about being intelligent.

I think he actually understands there is a difference between the two, and occasionally manages a comment that falls into the latter category, whereas I have only seen the former from you.
Bullshit. Mest isn't that strong of a debater (sorry, but it's true), but he's capable of creating clever arguments, something that nobody with proper argumentation can say about you.

If I'm wrong, prove me so. Until then, grow a brain.
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